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Still feeling zoned out


Hi again everyone. So I went and had bloods drawn today. Thankfully they agreed to do them a little earlier. Yesterday was the worst day I’ve had in a while. I couldn’t think straight at all. It’s like I’m here but not here or like I’m dreaming all the time, I don’t even know what’s real anymore or if it’s my imagination. On top of that I have a nasty cold and as if my head didn’t feel full of cotton already one side of my face/head/ear is completely stuffed up from the cold and hearing is muffled. Yesterday I freaked myself out so much thinking I’m losing my mind or lost blood supply to my brain or something that I ended up curled up in a ball on freezing kitchen tiles crying my eyes out where my four year old found me....I couldn’t even make it to the bathroom to have my breakdown secretly. I told her I’d bumped my toe. This is heart breaking. Tonight my mum wanted to take me to a&e. I’m really hoping that my latest blood test will show that my thyroid is the reason for still feeling like this because I’m terrified to think what else it could be. Sorry for the rant but this is the most isolating thing In the world. I’ve always been such a thankful, joyful, glass half full person and now there’s a giant black hole sucking me in

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Inafunk63 - I'm so sorry you're feeling so horribly low. I have a cold right now too and I feel absolutely low and depressed, can't wait till the cold is done with me. Are you currently on any thyroid meds?

Stop and take some very deep breaths - in and out, try and connect with your heart. Try and quiet yourself and know that you are safe. You will get help. This horribleness is temporary. Hang in there.

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. It could be many reasons that are making you feel so bad including the cold, definitely temporary, and probably your thyroid and a mixture of anxiety and worry too. Whoever you feel worried try to do one thing to take care of yourself. You probably need to use supplements too like vitamins . There is a Facebook page ( thyroid care group) where there is lots of advice for how to get better from thyroid based problems using diet and supplements.

I so wish our doctors could see us on a bad day and realise how debilitating this illness can be.

Have you any results and ranges you can show us as that can perhaps pinpoint why you are feeling so low. It's frightening how many of us are soldiering along on insufficient medication or not getting the correct treatment done. The fact the FT4 and FT3 readings are not done as routine is diabolical. Treatment was far better in the 1890's! My doctor told me to stop taking vitamins etc as we don't need them if we eat properly-I didn't stop but she is now doing the testing as she realises my levels were low without them. The clinicians should be helping more re treatment, universities only do the anatomy and Physiology.

Have you tested vitamins etc as they can make a huge difference and you doctor should test Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin as these help your thyroid to work better. Listen to mum as well as she will be seeing changes to your health that you may not be aware of and wants to help.

Thyroid Uk run this site and they have a excellent site with lots of good and helpful info. I wish doctors would read it as well. But there may be good advice on there that you haven't come across before that could improve things for you.

Thanks for replying! I have had vitamins tested and they were all pretty good...more so at the higher end of the range. I posted them in a previous post but don’t have them on hand right now. I’m actually HYPER but was changed from PTU (and feeling great) to carbimazole and became severely hypo. Haven’t been the same since and now I’m back on a fairly minuscule dose of PTU and feeling horrendous and my Endo keeps saying just give it time. I’ve been deciding my own dose based on how I feel and my bloods but My gut is telling me that my thyroid function has returned to normal on its own or possibly even burned itself out (for lack of a better term) and even this minuscule dose of PTU is making me more underactive. My GP is lovely and understanding and told me that I know my body best regardless of what in the range is and he supports me in deciding my dose but he is so difficult to see. I made an appointment but it’s not until January. My Endo however isn’t as supportive and is probably gonna give me “ i told you RAI was the best choice”

Sorry I didn't pick up on the hyper but I do remember reading in the past that PTU is given if carbimozole is upsetting you so could that be an issue and you need to be taking PTU? Logic tells me that could be an issue but as I haven't studied the problem in any sort of depth I could be completely wrong!

Well I actually put myself back on PTU about 4-5 weeks ago now. I was very intolerant to Carbimazole. I genuinely felt I was dying. Even ended up in a&e and at one point thought maybe I’d devoloped asthma as I couldn’t breathe....I’d have to stop mid sentence and bend over to try and get a proper breath! That’s all gone since I’ve stopped the carbimazole thankfully but the brain fog and exhaustion and feeling like I’m in a dream and the panic is all still there.

I suppose I’m really just starting to worry that maybe none of this is thyroid related and there’s something else wrong. I had liver and kidney function tests, vitamins tested, bone profile and a few other things that I can’t remember and my gp said the levels were great. I got a print out because I wanted to see for myself and the only thing that stood out was my b12 was elevated. Everything else was pretty much upper range.

Symptoms often lag behind changes so you may have to wait a bit longer but no harm in checking on things generally to get the fuller picture.

Sorry you're feeing so awful. My daughter's had a dreadful cold for two weeks resulting in a sinus and ear infection.

Make sure you see your blood results and check all of them. Low iron, low B12 , low Vit D can contribute to making you feel awful. Throw in thyroid imbalance and you're climbing Everest every day to get through anything.

Don't beat yourself up----- you're ill and no one becomes ill voluntarily.

Thanks for your kind words! Xx

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