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Hashimoto Test Results


FAO Greygoose, Anna69, Punky12, MaisieGrey, Slow Dragon and Teeple.

As promises I enclose my latest test results for your much appreciated comments.


Since these results my Endo has doubled my thyroxine to 50 mg a day (taken at night). Apologies Grey Goose, I gave you the wrong information. I use to take alternate days but now I take the same amount but daily. It's only been two weeks and can't say I've noticed any change. Perhaps a heat problem and some palpitations. Glad to say my "weepiness" has settled down though. Anyway, would very much appreciate your comments and here they are:

FT3 2.03 pg/ml (2.20 - 4.20)

FT4 0.76 ng/dl (0.79 - 1.76)

TSH 2.24 Mu/l (0.40 - 4.40)

Antibodies (anti TPO) 25.16 Ul/ml Positive <5.61

Antibodies (anti TG) 10.22 Ul/ml Positive <4.11

Vit D 70.2 ng/nl

Ferro 130 (50-170)

Thank you All once again and apologies to Grey Goose for mistakenly contacting her directly (and for the dosage mistake). I sound a right mess, don't I? By the way I am due to be retested in six weeks.

Look forward to hearing back.

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Hello db16 If you type @ before a member's name, and then click on the correct one that pops up in the box, that will highlight to the member that you're writing to them - otherwise they may not see your post 😊

As you've doubled your Levo dose to 50 mcg since these blood tests, there isn't going to be much to say about those thyroid levels until your next test in 6 weeks time. However, you were under-medicated at that point so it's good that your Endo responded accordingly. But 10 months ago you posted that you were already on 50 mcg Levo - why did you reduce it subsequently? Also, regarding your comment in your previous post, that you were supposed to have Hashimoto's, your positive Abs results show that you do have the autoimmune condition.

db16 in reply to MaisieGray

I will learn my way around the HU system the more I use it but thanks for the guidance. As for the 50 mg levy I was taking ten months ago, that was only every other day. Now it is every day. That's the only difference.

My en-do has also prescribed Selenium. I will re-post after the next testing. At least now I feel confident that I am correctly diagnosed. Should I be doing anything else?

Much appreciated.

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