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I’ve been having right sided neck and ear pain and left sided mid rib pain for a long time and my GP sent me for a load of bloods. All came back normal except my TSH was 0.06. My T4 was 22, so the top level of normal. The GP has marked it as no further action needed but then I spoke to someone else and they said it sounds like Graves’ disease and I should be getting treatment. I have googled and it said my TSH level indicates hyperthyroidism. What does it sound like to you guys and is one sided neck/ear pain part of it? Also I can’t exercise without my heart going really fast or skipping and I have long qt on my ECG when my heart is fast. I also have POTS and EDS hypermobilty type.

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I had similar issues with my neck

I was told that I have anxiety due to my shaking

I was also told that my TSH is normal on a few occasions

I went to get my TPO done privately that’s when I was told I have a start of Graves’ disease

I would get T3 T4 TPO TRAB TEST DONE

I thought more that you know, I don’t really have symptoms for hyper, I am extremely cold intolerant and am never warm except on my period when I’m boiling.

My mum was just diagnosed with POTS, my sisters all show varying degrees of Dysautonomia and joint hyper mobility. My Nanna has rheumatoid arthritis and had a stroke in her 50s, my mum also had something wrong with her bowl and had to have most of her large intestine removed. That’s about all I know

Can I also ask what makes you suspect that? Going to the GP next week and want to be armed with knowledge!

Yeah always cold, have put a stone on this year, constipated, my muscles hurt so much and I’m getting shooting pains in my hands and arms so I definitely fit the hypo profile more than hyper.

Should I ask to be tested for both Hashimoto and graves then? Will they do that?

Also my T4 was 22 which is the highest number in the normal bracket (it was 12-22) and the TSH was 0.06 which is low but I can’t find anything on Dr Google about that, most say the T4 should be high too to be considered hyper - is that was makes you suspect Hashimoto?

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