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Ive just moved here from America and heard that it is hard to get my armour thyroid refilled in uk

Do you know best way to do this and what the approx cost will be for dr and montly scripts

Also is there a over the counter alternative from canada or overseas?

Ive seen comparable t3 and t4 products from thailand where thyroid products do not require prescription

Im in south west greater london area

Thank you!

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Is it impossible for you to continue getting prescriptions from the USA?

It can be difficult finding a UK doctor who will issue a prescription for any desiccated thyroid products. Most doctors are NHS and hardly any would be willing to prescribe.

If you did manage to find a doctor willing to prescribe, the cost of Armour is pretty high within the UK. (It is not cheap anywhere!)

Have a look here:

Malabella in reply to helvella

Thank you! I can probably continue to get it from america but was hoping to just do it here. Its been studied for over 100 yrs so it’s regrettable drs here arnt keen on it

MaisieGray in reply to Malabella

Malabella The problem is that it hasn't been formally "studied for over 100 yrs". It was grandfathered in without validation, and is unlicensed here. That's not to say it can't be prescribed but guidance to NHS Drs is to look to licensed treatment first, before unlicensed.

shawsAdministrator in reply to Malabella

It is more than regrettable and it is mainly due to endocrinologists listening to whoever produces levothyroxine.

Our main Thyroid Organisation has made made a statement which I believe is completely WRONG and one of our USA Advisers (deceased) wrote a Rebuttal to them about their statement about NDT and despite three yearly reminders before his demise they never did respond. Big Pharma has a lot to answer for because if we have no options we would have to take levothyroxine and if not agreeing with us, we'd need more prescriptions to try to resolve the symptoms.

You can source outside UK and some members may have information which would be sent to you by Private Message as no information is permitted on the open Forum.

The Adviser I mention above invented an NDT which doesn't need a prescription and that was his precise reason - that the authorities couldn't interfere. It is called Thyrogold and Dr Lowe's widow - Tammy - now deals with this and I shall give a link - just in case.

You may be able to get a prescription privately but you'd have to consult a doctor - have a list of sympathetic private doctors and email Dionne and TUK who has a list but I don't know the costs.


20% is VAT - not duty.

Duty issues might apply as well depending on value of order.

The VAT (and duty, if applicable) could be an issue even if carrying it with you.

shawsAdministrator in reply to helvella

I thought it was legal to bring in medications if it was for personal use alone.

MaisieGray in reply to shaws

Being legal, and duty being due, are separate issues though.

Ive got to say I was charged 20% VAT plus £10 from Royal Mail whenever I ordered my ndt from abroad. Never import duty on top -thats because it was deemed 'medical for personal use.'

If you can keep with your present doctor in USA it might be the easiest way to maintain your ndt. I do get mine on the nhs but only because its been backed by a doctor in the practise -they call it 'named patients basis'. Most doctors in the uk wont do it. This is because ndt has been slated by the Endocrinology Society over here as unnecessary & a false allegation that it is unstable medication....the rational behind this does not appear to be on solid scientific research but seems to self drive itself for a reason most of us dont understand!!

You have picked a hot political potato!!!

Having said that if you have been on a ndt for a long period of time you have an arguement that you need to maintain this medication. Changing can cause harm. Nevetheless your GP is likely to want to refer you to an Endocrinologist -the rub is whether you can find a ndt friendly one here in the uk. Whether your GP will accept advice & guidance from a USA Endocrinologist I dont know. Worth a try!

Good luck.

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