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Protein in urine as symptom of hypothyroidism?


Hi all,

On one of the symptoms mentioned is protein in urine. I had that last year and the doctor thought I had had some kind of infection that caused it. I had no symptoms. It went away after about 3 months. Because I have diabetes type 1 it is checked once a year because kidney failure is one of probable diabetes complications. To get a better understanding of all factors, can someone explain how hypothyroidism can lead to protein in urine?

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This is a link which I hope is helpful:-


Jocelin in reply to shaws

Thanks, Shaws, very informative!

Increased glomerular capillary pressure (glomeruli are filtering devices in kidneys) and subsequent filtration membrane damage in patients with hypothyroidism may lead to proteinuria due to leakage of plasma proteins.

Jocelin in reply to diogenes

Thanks, Diogenes!

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