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How long off T3 till TSH rises?


I currently self treat T3 only but not doing so well now re last bloods taken so now just want to be officially diagnosed to at least get this on my record and get some testing from NHS to save my pocket.

Would just like to know how long would I have to stay off T3 till my TSH starts rising?

Last bloods taken were.....

TSH 0.812. (O.27-4.20)

FT4. 2.110. (12.0-22.0)

FT3. 3. (3.10-6.80)


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I am also T3 only and have been for over 6 years. Last summer the NHS Endo wanted me to reintroduce T4 with T3 as I had developed osteoporosis, and she was convinced it was due to too much T3. They monitored me as I slowly increased my T4 to T3 ratio over about 4 months although I wasn't really over 50mcg T4 for very long (and 25 mcg T3). In that time my TSH did not rise and I was told that it can take up until a year! However that may depend on time being T3 only and amounts of T3 I guess.

Incidentally, the experiment did not work well for me, and I felt ill during the 4 months, especially my immune system, so in the end I went back on T3 only with my GP's blessing, though I do take 10mcg T3 less than I was taking previously (am on 45mcg over the day).

Your TSH is in range. Why do you want it higher? Your under range FT4 and FT3 show you are hypo - they might think secondary hypo, though, from the results

Why do you want your TSH to raise? If you are taking T3 only it will be supressed. Your FT3 looks to be at the very bottom of the range. Are you sure you were taking enough T3 to begin with?

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