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Phlegm throat/chest/foaming feeling in chest:throat


Hi guys i dont know where to post this, maybe its hypothyrodism related so ill ask here.

Hi i a Hi im Male /26yrs old/hypothyrodism taking levotyroxin 125mcg/no cough/can exercise normally and make full breaths. Right now travelling around the world. Have mild anxiety thats getting worse with this problem i have. About a month ago i started to get this feeling, that i got some phlegm stuck in my throat/left lung. Gargly feeling when i breath in. The feeling is still there daily. I dont have problems when working out or jogging. I am active daily. It stops when i sit down and when i go to sleep. It starts again when im in upright standing position or walking. It doesnt hurt or nothing. Its just this persisten feeling some fluid is foaming somewhere in my left lung or left side of throat. I cant even pinpoint location. Anybody has any ideas what i could do. I was thinking that maybe it could be GERD or something like that, since i can make full breaths and exercise.

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Have you seen your doctor yet. No one can diagnose on here.

Nope because im on the other side of the world right now travelling. Just trying to find out if anyone has any similar problems. Otherwise ill go some day next week...

shawsAdministrator in reply to Seronj4

There are so many clinical symptoms with hypothyroidism and this is a link:-

This is an excerpt:

Nose, Mouth & Throat

Difficulty swallowing

Sore throats

Swollen tongue

Scalloped tongue

Choking fits

Dry mouth


Sensation of lump in throat

Post-nasal drip (PND)

I am not medically qualified but hope the following will be helpful:-

Check out throat catarrh, which is what I have. It’s very annoying and worse first thing in the morning.

Could it be something to do with what you are eating eg milk/dairy or something else?


Seronj4 in reply to klr31

Not usually. But i noticed it is more noticeable after i eat a meal.

klr31 in reply to Seronj4

It might be something you are eating.


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