On thyroid s all levels good not lost any weight??

Changed from Levo a year ago now, lost all swelling and inflammation but haven't lost a single lb all levels are good, previous to Hashimotos diagnosed 2004 I was 7 1/2 stone, and have put 2lb on each year I'm now 9 stone, any ideas to get my metabolism going again, I walk 5 mile twice a week, I don't eat gluten and don't eat a lot!

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  • Frustrating isn't it? How much Thyroid S are you taking, and have you had any recent blood tests done?

  • Take another 30-60mg of Thyroid. You need to take enough to fire up your metabolism. If you go hyper or start getting the shakes your's taking too much

  • I think I was taking enough as I was really clammy on the higher dose but didn't lose a thing

  • You say you don't eat a lot. Have you considered you may not be eating enough? If your body thinks it's not getting enough it hangs on to everything it can incase the source dries up! Look carefully as well what you eat, the right kind of fat is good for you as some vitamins like Vit D are fat soluble so you may be stopping some things helping you. I re did my diet by doing a food intolerance test as I knew I already had food problems and o cut out the foods that my body didn't like. Ended up mostly dairy and no veg but lost half a stone without trying! I then changed to Thyroid S and didn't lose any more weight but felt some much better. We are all individuals though so what suits one won't always work for another.

    Have you any recent bloods we can see as your dose may be not there yet.

    Have you had B12, Vit D, folate and ferritin tested as they are essential to Thyroid health and we are often very low in them. Often the ranges aren't 'good' for us either as we need to be optimum which is st the top end though doctors know very little about nutrition and think we are good if in range. I was actually under the range with folate and my GP gave me a course and I just scraped in the range. She thought that was enough but I bought some myself and after a year got towards the top of the range so dropped meds down a bit.

    So get some tests done and come back with your results for comments.

  • I could never lose weight despite being optimally medicated on NDT and all my nutrients being good. I started eating ketogenically about three months ago and have lost ten kilos. In addition all sorts of other things have improved. I haven't had one migraine, my heartburn, wind, burping and chronic constipation are all gone, anxiety and night panics gone.

    I could shed a little more weight, but my BMI is down to 25. So I need to find ways to eat more!

  • Can you tell me more about the diet you followed Ruth, i am lumping the tonnage on and not loaing atm..... Time for a rethink on my diet.



  • I'll start a new thread - the discussion got very busy over on the Migraine board.

  • Hi Ruthi I have never heard of this diet. Could you enlighten me please thanks tyna

  • I'll start a new thread - the discussion got very busy over on the Migraine board.

  • Wow that's amazing, I will have a look what this involves thanks

  • I haven't lost either on Thiroyd but have you considered that if you are already a healthy weight and not overweight or obese then it's more difficult to lose ? I'm 9stone 4 and would like to lose 10 pounds but can't shift it despite high protein low carb. I think it's because I'm at my natural weight?

  • Sadly i am now 4 stones heavier than i need to be.. I am 5'6, so 10 stones is a reasonable weight for me.... Not 14. Eek!

  • Sorry my reply was to OP !

  • Sorry can't help! I have never lost the weight levthyoxine put on me, neither on NDT or T4/T3 combo.

  • I was given a strong dose of vit D3 last year, but all other levels come back ok. I was hyper for A number of years( well below 0 anyway) , I was on 250 Levo ( was hypothermic for years) docs just kept my tsh suppressed and my t4 dropped steadily over the years and my t3 rose slowly, the thyroid s does have slightly more t3 in and I was taking 180 mg so ended up with mild t3 toxicity, so my new endo told me to take 120 thyroid s and 50 Levo to bring t3 down, I feel fairly good but started to feel cold again, I have either shred dies with skimmed milk for breakfast or sausage bacon and egg yolk then crackers or soup for lunch and then a proper tea like cottage pie or chicken and veg with small amount of rice.

    I get the new dosage results next week he's only tested tsh t4 and t3

  • Have you had your blood sugar and insulin levels tested? I also had huge problems losing weight on NDT, even when "optimally medicated". Labs showed fasting insulin and blood sugar levels close to the upper normal limit, so called insulin resistance. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone and can make it impossible to lose weight even on a so called healthy diet.

  • He just says levels ok, so don't even know which test is for that I've never done a fasting glucose just normal glucose serum test, my identical twin has Hashimotos too and is on thyroid s and has just developed diabetes and is now on tablets, and I generally follow suit with things she has so I will ask him to test it properly, how would I be able to tell if I was insulin resistant, I have asked for this test so don't think he did it and I asked for rt3 test he said we don't do that unless you've come to hospital I'll, nice.....bit late then to help ourselves

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