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Graves Disease update - 12 months later


My last post was about 12 months ago, when after having tried just about all natural alternatives to treat Graves Disease I had to finally take Neo Mercazole. As mentioned last, I was started off by my GP on half a tablet, four times a day. Yes, I did improve to a certain degree, and my bloodtests 3 months ago finally came back normal for T3 and T4, boarderline for TSH (now leaning towards hypo), but absolutely NO change to Antibodies. Interesting! No, I cannot get a plausible answer to my questions from my doctors, nothing which would explain antibodies still being high. In the meantime, Thyroid Eye Disease started to get worse. Vision got much more blurry, to the point where it was not possible for me to drive a car safely due to sudden double vision. Trust me, it is scary. Now I have been doing a lot of research and experimenting again, and slowly things are turning around. I have started taking an enzyme called Serrapeptase 3x day, which really helps with inflammation and has improved my vision. Coupled with Curcumin and Fishoil, my vision has improved to the point that I can now drive again (very few double vision episodes). We really have to look at inflammation as number one reason for excess antibody formation, so supplements to treat inflammation and support the liver are most important. I have also been taking a chinese herb, Duanwood Reishi by Dragon Herbs, which I get from iherb in the US. Duanwood Reishi is an adaptogen, which means it helps to regulate your immune system. It finally normalized my heart beat, and I do feel so much calmer. In May 2018 I joined the Gym, and started with light weights to build up muscle tone again. Today, not even 6 months later, I have almost reached my normal weight again (from 46kg back to nearly 55kg). This weight gain has happened gradually, and my energy has returned gradually as well. I have also started to do a Yoga class a week, which takes away the aches and pains in the joints and ligaments.

Also, I found that I really had to start daily eye exercises, and you can access these online for free via

The presenter is Nathan Oxenfeld, and he teaches the Bates Method. Easy to follow, and even a little will make a difference.

I hope this gives all of you who are battling out there the courage to take care of yourself. My medication is now reduced to half a tablet twice a day. I keep up my supplements, my daily exercise program, and most of all, my focus has now gone from "the disease" to "healing journey". By the way, I only do bloodtests about once every 3 months. My GP is ok with it, and I am definitely NOT seeing an endocrynologist. Much love to all of you!

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Thanks for posting Namaste12, really interesting.

So pleased for you! Well done!

I’m impressed namaste I wish you continued success in the future


Really impressed that you've managed this by yourself. Getting the optimal treatment for a thyroid condition usually means doing a lot of digging..

V. interested in serrapeptase. What brought this to your attention? I read that a pharmaceutical company attempted to restrict its sale due to its 'dubious claims of lowering inflammation' - that suggests to me that they got worried that something off prescription works better than their product! I can't say I've ever tried it and as my inflammatory markers are good probably won't right now, but it's worth knowing a bit about it. I also read that because its an enzyme it is very good at 'cleaning up' after Lyme disease and 'pyroluria'? Is this how you found out about it? Presumably you need to drink plenty of water while taking it?

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Thanks for your reply! Re Serrapeptase, I was made aware of this enzyme via another website dealing with Graves Disease. The lady's name is Svetla (unfortunately I cannot remember the name of her website), and she has healed herself of Graves Disease and also written quite a few books about her journey. I have just put down what worked for me; this does not mean it works for everyone. However, Serrapeptase has made a huge difference to my vision, so it is worth it. Yes, pharmaceutical companies will certainly have their say about this enzyme, and it will not be supportive. The same as they will never be supportive of any herbal medicine or exercise program. Remember, they are in it for the profit and not for your health. In the long run, we do have to make our own decisions and not hand over our lives and wellbeing to so called "experts".

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