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I had done another UltraVit test from medichecks in September and pretty much the same as the previous results. The one thing I've noticed is that even thought the TSH hasn't improved, the T3 has (was 4.5 and now 5.1). And I had noticed an increase in my resting heart rate which has been around 45-50 for a few months, and went up for a few weeks to 55-60 but is back down to 45-50 again. Strange the VitD is still low as I eat fortified cereals and get plenty of sun. Any input much appreciated


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Not everyone makes Vit D naturally from the sun, and the amount in a breakfast cereal wouldn't be enough to correct an insufficiency. In a previous post SlowDragon advised you to supplement, you need to raise your level to that recommended by the Vit D Council, which is 100-150nmol /L.

Your Folate is also low, that should be at least half way through range. Folate rich foods may help, and look at a decent B Complex containing methylfolate (not folic acid) such as Thorne Basic B or Igennus Super B.

Hi, your tsh is strangely high given your free t's being quite high in range. Have you had this investigated?

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