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Blood test advice for initial diagnosis


Hi all ,I haven’t been on here for a while as I’ve just be cracking on with self medicating ndt etc....However I have a question regarding my daughter who’s 31 ...she’s been suffering depression recently amongst other things but over the last few weeks has been having shocking hair shedding...enough for alarm bells to start ringing ....she knows she’ll be wasting her time at the doctors to get a proper thyroid test but so is going to do a Medichecks like I do .....however seeing as this will be the first time to check her thyroid bloods should she still have to do an early morning and fasting blood test...we know there are other things to look at but we want to see if we can rule thyroid out first ...her B12 and iron are ok ,many thanks 🙏

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Yes, early morning and fasting (basically just delay breakfast and drink water only until after test). This gives the highest possible TSH which is needed for diagnosis.

Has she done vitamins and minerals already - including Vit D and folate as well as B12 and iron?

If she doesn't want the full thyroid/vitamin bundle, then I would suggest doing Thyroid Check Plus which includes thyroid antibodies:

Use code MED99 at checkout for 20% discount before the end of October on any normal priced test, it wont work on any that are already on special offer.

Yeah thankyou ...she is definitely doing one with antibodies...her b12 and ferritin were ok but vitD and folate were not done ...but she will do the whole vitamins and thyroid bundle.We know it could be other things that she has going on ,but we just want to see if it is thyroid related first, thanks again

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