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Medichecks testing

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Hi everyone 😊

I was wondering if I was to buy private thyroid testing through medichecks can I save it and use it whenever I want? Or is there a time limit? I want to take advantage of the Thursday discounts but don't want to use it right away. My doctor has agreed to check my vitamins/minerals again and I'm still in the process of getting my meds/thyroid levels optimal so want to save it for down the line for when it will be most beneficial to me.

Thanks in advance

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5 Replies

You don't have to use them right away, but I do think they have an expiry date on them (maybe 3 months?)

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You have 6 months to use your test from when you purchased it, I queried this with them last year. But it's a good idea to check if there's any date anywhere within the kit (maybe on the tube?) just in case that date expires. If it does and you're still within the 6 months, they should send you whatever is needed.

Hi Diane, I had my tests down with them the other week and you can download a .pdf copy of your results from their website, so yes, you can keep the results. Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone much appreciated. Sounds like I will have some time then but I'll do as seasidesusie suggests and check beforehand just incase x

I bought mine and it arrived yesterday I plan to use it Mid November. You can save money by doing it this way.

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