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NDT grains


Hi ; I've a question : Would you take the 1 1/2 grain at same time in the morning? I've started my NDT at 1/2 a grain on 23rd September and need to increase soon but wonder if to take the increase all at same time in the morning till I reach 1 grain on an empty stomach in morning then the additional increases about 6 hrs later ? What are your thoughts here ?....Thanks a lot in advance :)

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Everyone is different. Some people find that splitting the dose is better for them, some take it all at once. All you can do is experiment and see what suits you best.

Valeriu in reply to SeasideSusie

Thanks a lot Susie; Much appreciated


Some have different ideas but when I took NDT, I took one daily dose with one full glass of water on an empty stomach and wait an hour before eating. This means that you don't have to ensure you have an empty stomach if you decide to split the dose.

Also you start on a dose equivalent to what you were taking of levothyroxine and every 2 weeks you can add 1/4 tablet taking account of your clinical symptoms as they are relieved and also check pulse/temp several times a day, especially if you feel hot or fast pulse and you may probably find they are in the 'normal range'. If either was too high drop to previous dose. The following may be helpful information by one of our deceased Advisers

Valeriu in reply to shaws

Thanks a lot Shaws - good to now ! :)

I've tried taking split doses but never noticed any difference so take it all in one go in the morning

I started on split doses but sometimes I forgot the second! Having read splitting the dosehelps getting you used to taking T3 I decided I should be used to it by then and took it all at once and I was fine. I'm only on a small dose though so if you feel nervous about doing that then gradually increase the first dose and decrease the second and see how it goes.

I take 2 grains first thing, and one grain at night. I find I sleep better that way, and the restless legs are not quite as bad.

Thanks Serenfach...I now take 3/4 of a grain in the morning but didn't realise that one can take at night as I thought it's energising. I was going to take whatever extra I get to take from 1.5- 2 grains just 6 hours later (ie around 1 - 2 pm) Thanks for this useful info Serenfach - I'll know it won't disturb my sleep....:)

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