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insulin resistance (home testing) enquiry - quick question


Hi all,

I would like to measure my insulin levels to find out whether or not my Hashi's has affected my insulin levels. I did a quick Google search today and found several home testing kits available from high street chemists that test your glucose. Does anyone happen to know if any of these specifically test for insulin resistance?

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This test may be of interest :

Be aware that there is 20% off Medichecks tests with a discount code of MED99 for the rest of October.

See this post for details :

Thanks for the swift reply - I was rather hoping for something I could pick up from the chemist as it is quicker (and presumably cheaper? - Just been paid and almost broke already. )-: )

Sorry, can't help you with that one. But at least the link I gave you tells you what tests are required to test for insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is completely different to diabetes and diabetes/glucose tests (home or hospital) won't tell you if you have insulin resistance.

Dang! Guess I will be checking out Human Bean's suggestion after-all! (Sheepishly grinning.)

Many thanks to both of you.

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