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Post thyroidectomy haematoma


Hi I'm new on here, I joined a couple of years ago but never wrote anything!

6 weeks ago I had a total thyroidectomy but the next day had a haematoma. I'm finding it difficult to get any help with how I'm feeling, I've spoken to my surgeon and tried my local counseling service who won't see me yet as it's too soon.

Has anyone else had this happen or know anyone who has?

Thanks for listening 😊

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I am not sure of what you are asking. Do you mean has anyone had a

Haematoma? More importantly are you on any medication yet? How are you feeling and has the haematoma healed? I know nothing about them and managed well after thyroidectomy. For me it was getting the medication right that was the problem. Perhaps you could explain more for better responses.

Anivad123 in reply to Hennerton

Hi thanks for responding. I didn't want to go into detail unless anyone has had one and would private message ( if I can figure out how).

Yes I'm on Levothyroxine 100 mcg and it healed. The GP said I can go for a blood test this week to check levels.

Don't feel brilliant and too tired!


Hennerton in reply to Anivad123

Sorry, but do you mean you want to hear from someone who has had a thyroidectomy or a haematoma? For the thyroidectomy, you will find plenty of members happy to exchange experiences. Not sure about haematoma, however.

Anivad123 in reply to Hennerton

Hi yes the haematoma. There's no community for it. I'll try other sites too.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and best regards ☺

By "haematoma" I suppose you mean a collection of blood under the skin?

If that is the case then I'm surprised your surgeon hasn't asked to see you to check the surgical wound. Sometimes a small blood vessel will keep leaking blood into the surrounding tissue and will need to be dealt with by cauterisation or whatever.

Are you on blood thinners or take aspirin on a regular basis?

I'm not a doctor but used to occasionally see this when I was a veterinary theatre nurse! :D

Anivad123 in reply to spongecat

Hi thanks but no it's all been dealt with. It was a haematoma, been sorted and I won't go into detail. Ireally am just looking on here to see if I could find anyone who's had one to exchange feelings.

I would write on a private message about it, how do you do that?


Anivad123 in reply to Anivad123

By the way I really appreciate you responding thank you

Best regards ☺

Hidden in reply to Anivad123

I had a thyroidectomy 24 months ago did have bruising at surgical site but it went pretty quick. I'm guessing your having a hard time after thyroidectomy and yes I can relate about having a hard time coping with changes to your body and mind and endless medication changes, blood test or lack of proper blood test and feeling abandon by my medical team once those magical lab numbers have been reach....magical more like comical.

I had a total thyroidectomy almost six weeks ago and had a haemetoma. My surgeon said the brusing began almost immediately. It took about 2 weeks to completely go away. He said it was not "bad" but it it was very unusual.

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