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Buying from Bennewitz help please :)

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Hi all!

I have just bought from Bennewitz for the first time. I am wondering whether anyone has bought from this website before and if so do I need to send them my prescription? I was under the impression that I would have to, but I have received an email confirmation but nothing to tell me to send the prescription. Just wondering if not, whether this will work after Brexit.


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This is what is says on ThyroidUK's website

Bennewitz Pharmacy

They have a telephone call-back system and we have been told that the pharmacist speaks good English so there won't be any language problems. The website can be viewed in English which is helpful. If you click on the bit which says the med is prescription only, it will show you the address to post your prescription to or you can wait for them to mail you an addressed envelope.

Did you do this?

Perhaps you will receive further communication from them with instructions on what to do about your prescription. If not, you could contact them.

Thank you so much Susie.

I just went ahead and ordered on the website. I have emailed them now :)

I was hoping that if I could get it without a prescription it would work after Brexit :)

Thanks again for your help!

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to abigailfrances

German T3 is prescription only.

EU countries only accept prescriptions from EU based doctors.

So currently unclear what happens after Brexit for the hundreds of UK patients refused essential T3 medication by NHS and forced to use private prescription for EU T3

Write to your MP, Lord O'Shaughnessy and Lord Hunt of Kings Heath

You place the order and send your prescription. You must send them your prescription. See .

I emailed a copy of my prescription and then sent the original by post but I think they shipped on receipt of the email copy. You can use you photo to photo the prescription and send it.

I've used them and I posted my private prescription to the address on the confirmation email. They posted the meds on receipt of the prescription.

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Kipsy in reply to Rita-D

I did the same

thank you all! I was just confused as there was no address on the confirmation email, I have spoke to them since though and will forward it on. Thanks for your help!

It’s under the person’s name at the bottom of the email.

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