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T3 using Bennewitz Pharmacy


Has anyone used Bennewitz to obtain Thybon Henning with a private prescription?

If so, a quick question: did you choose the courier or postal service option on their website and were there any problems e.g. needing to be home to receive your package if you chose the courier option?

I'm hoping that someone has used the postal service successfully?

(Thanks to SlowDragon I know not to send my prescription 'tracked & signed for' in case there is no one to sign for it once it reaches Germany)

Many thanks

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This post has not received any replies on the forum in over ten months. If you still need help, please do post again.

Adding a reply so that this post no longer shows as having no replies.

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Many thanks helvella! I successfully used normal post and obtained a prescription last year easily. If anyone else is thinking of doing the same, it’s a very easy process.

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Hi, can I ask, are you in the UK? I am in Spain, and I am just wondering if this pharmacy will send to Spain...I have only just heard about this pharmacy posting T3 (with a precription). Thank you.

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Lio4, I think you may need to contact the German pharmacies directly to ask. It may depend on what arrangements they have with Spain for fulfilling Spanish prescriptions.

German pharmacy details can be found on this page thyroiduk.org/tuk/treatment...

Thank you for your help :)

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