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Throat problems

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Since my flare up , which has been pretty severe this time, am getting one or two new symptoms to do with my throat ; firstly , nodules or lumps on left side of neck and run from the ear down the neck then seem to continue round the front lower neck towards the voice box / possibly the thyroid .secondly , the hoarsenses of my voice , sometimes fin ding it hard to talk , trouble swallowing , got sent to ENT specialist after suffering with this for some months now , after a 15 min appointment and some very rough treatment , was told " there is nothing sinister going on " didn't explain any of the reasons why I'm having these problems , he was just happy he didn't find any signs of cancer , he wasn't interested in anything else or how I was feeling .

Is there anyone else having problems with their throat like this , and if so , what would be the best way forward please

Oh , ps , went to the library yesterday to find some of the books that had been suggested on here for me to read , out of the 14 known books that were recognised by the library, only 1 was available ( " the healthy thyroid " by Patsy Westcott ) the rest had all disappeared or were missing , the librarian was baffled by this and had no explanation

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Sweatpea1157, I wonder if you’re slightly over treated? x

Sometimes a sore throat can be caused by excess histamine - it's not a well mentioned symptom, but it certainly happened with me and I remember my mother-in-law said she had it when her allergies were flaring up back in London in the 60's - it was decades before she found out she had Hashi's. Basically lots of us with Hashi's have histamine intolerance. It's to do with a lack of an enzyme that recycles histamine rendering it harmless (DAO).


Firstly, try some liquid Piriton or something low strength that'll coat the throat. Anti-histamines are not a long term solution as they don't help us make more of the enzyme. There are many articles on healing histamine intolerance - it is of no surprise that a lot of this is down to good gut health and avoiding triggers. Quercetin + Bromelain can work together to block histamine, but you need to be on them for a while for them to notice much improvement. Anti-inflammatories like Turmeric in Golden Milk (look up recipes with almond nut milk and coconut oil in them) may also help soothe your throat.

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Thank you for getting back to me , have tried golden milk , not sure if it's working though

Sweetpea, When I had a repeated sore throat, laryngitis and felt as tired and exhausted as all hell I went to the docs and asked him to check my thyroid. The doc felt my throat and detected nodules. He told me that it was probably nothing but we would do a fine needle analysis (FNA) first just to rule out cancer and if that was negative we will look for other things. Well it turned out it was papilloma type thyroid cancer. I am telling you this because you cannot rule out thyroid cancer by simply feeling your throat nor even "just looking" via an endoscopy. If you have nodules you need an FNA to rule out cancer not just an opinion after a 15 minute quick look.

I'm sorry I don't mean to worry you. On the brighter side, nodules in that area could also be a swollen or blocked lymph node, not that that's great but its probably less of a problem than thyroid cancer.

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Thank you for your reply , will be asking doctor for thorough check , but have been told could have to wait for 12 to 18 weeks for an appointment

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12 to 18 weeks wait. That is frustrating but I believe thyroid cancer is pretty slow moving, I had to wait 3 months too even after the FNA. From first walking into the GP's office, through the ultra sound, through the FNA, and through to the recovery room was 9 months. But don't let's get pessimistic, it is probably something else entirely but do push to rule out that no cancer is present just for your peace of mind.

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Thank you for that , will keep optimistic , sorry to hear that unfortunately you contracted thybrid cancer , i sincerely hope thints are going well for you , will get back to you when I have more news

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