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Low TIBC, normal Ferritin?

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Hello All!

My most recent iron labs show low TIBC and normal ferritin levels. What does this mean? Should I stop taking iron bisglycinate? My ferritin had previously been low (18) with a normal TIBC. TIA!

Here are my labs from 9/6/18:

(TIBC) 239 ug/dL (250 - 450 ug/dL) LOW

UIBC 172 ug/dL (131 - 425 ug/dL)

Iron, Serum 67 ug/dL (27 - 159 ug/dL)

Iron Saturation 28 % (15 - 55 %)

Ferritin 126 ng/mL (15 - 150 ng/mL

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I should also mention that I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and have struggled with anemia and low ferritin in the past.

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Heloise in reply to tiners

Hi tiners, scroll down the page and find the four iron labs you need to have.


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