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Thyroid levels for IVF

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this thread. I've been delayed IVF twice because of my thyroid levels. Am currently at 4 but they need my levels to be at 2.5 to go ahead with the treatment. I've been Hypo for 11 years. I only recently was informed by a doctor that I shouldn't be taking my levo with any other supplements!! I've always taken my tablets together. I'm so angry and frustrated at this stage. I can't help but think, had I have had the right advice a long time before now, I could have conceived naturally! Has anyone else experienced this? X

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When the IVF was delayed the first time did you get an increase in dose of your Levo? Has your dose been increased this time?

I would guess that the 4 you refer to is your TSH - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. A level of 4 shows you were very under-medicated and probably felt awful. The more hypothyroid you are the higher the TSH will be. (Usually. There are exceptions). As your dose increases your TSH will drop. Healthy people have a TSH of roughly 1.0 - 1.5. In order to feel well most hypothyroid people need to be treated to a level where their TSH is 1 or lower. (But there are exceptions to that too.)

You need to find out what is going on with your thyroid and other factors in your health before conceiving. Having low levels of thyroid hormone reduces your chances of conceiving, and if you did conceive you would be at greater risk of miscarriage. Low nutrients are also common in hypothyroid people, and this risks the health of any offspring, so you need to get these optimised as well.

You need access to your medical records, or if that isn't possible then ask for printed copies. For advice on how to go about this, see my posts in this thread :

Good luck. :)

Yes my dosage was increased to 200. I was then tested 4 weeks later and nothing had changed. They then asked me if I took iron with my med's. I'm taking 'seven seas, trying for a baby' and vitamin c. I was taking these together. My levo has since been reduced to 150. I have a blood test again in 3 weeks. I pray to god that I get the results I want and need!

Yes, my TSH level is 4 and they want it to be 2.5 before I go ahead with IVF. It's just hard to stay positive when keep getting knocked back! I'm by no means feeling sorry for myself but if the doctors don't know if understand, then what do I do?!

Glad of this group fir help and advice. Thank you for replying x

Why on earth did they reduce your Levo? What possible logic could they have had for doing that?

How are you taking your Levo now?

It can be taken with a whole glass of water at night before bed, during the night (if you regularly get up to pee), or as soon as you wake up in the morning, or basically any time when your stomach is empty of all food and drink except for water. And having taken it you must wait an hour before eating. And also, supplements should be taken at least 2 hours away from the Levo, if your supplements contain iron, vitamin D, oestrogen, magnesium then the gap must be 4 hours.

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