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DUTCH Test Results


I have suspected Hashimotos disease. I've had my DUTCH test sex hormones results and I'd really like to discuss them with a medic rather than nutritionist. Is there an Endo or Gynae in the UK who would accept this test and prescribe against it if necessary? I have severely low cortisol, testosterone and total DHEA. I guess this explains why I feel so lacking in initiative and motivation - as well as no libido. I'm 46 and still have very regular periods so not gone through the menopause yet although I know it's looming. I'm so fed up of feeling lazy and miserable.

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Hi, are you in the UK and doing the test through Regenerus? If so, they will refer you to practitioners in your area. Not sure if their referrals include doctors.

My wife and I did the DUTCH test and our endos in the UK looked at it like it was from another planet. Ended up having a consultation with a great functional hormone doctor in the USA.

wellness1 in reply to stav01

Hi stav01, would you be willing to PM the name of the doctor you consulted? I'd be very grateful. :)

Moiseym in reply to wellness1

Me too please!

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