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Treating adrenals & cortisol

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I know someone who is having a really distressing time and I'm convinced they could do with helping their adrenals & or cortisol levels.

They don't (as far as they are aware) have any thyroid issues.

They are waking at night & not being able to get back to sleep.

They've bought Ashwaganda & Passiflora. I've advised CBD oil.

Would anyone else who has used these products be able to advise how long it would take for things to settle. There are no other health problems to speak of.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this post.

4 Replies
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How do they know that Ashwaganda & Passiflora are the correct supplements? What are they treating - low or high cortisol - or don't they know because they've not done a saliva adrenal test?

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Paula101 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you for replying.

They saw their local herbalist and these were the recommended products based on symptoms.

Saliva tests have not been done so they don't know if dealing with high or low cortisol.

Their main problem is the regular waking with anxiety & racing mind at about 2 ish & not getting back to sleep properly. I've noticed moments of mania then they seem to settle, very up & down.

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Howard39 in reply to Paula101


I have to agree with Seasidesusie.

Before taking any thing I’d get myself tested- for throid and adrenals.

The symptoms you describe could be a result of anything.

Best to narrow down the field with blood tests, cortisol and dhea tests, vitamins tests. Look at someone’s diet.

My suggestion would be to stop all adaptagens etc until you know more.

This sounds cynical and I don’t mean it as such but a herbalist is not qualified to make those judgement calls only sell adaptagens etc. The last thing anyone needs is low cortisol from taking ashwaganda incorrectly. You’d not take a pain relief meds if you weren’t in pain.

Good luck though I hope you get to the bottom of it.

I’d personally ask the gp to check the basics( and it will be the v basics). However there are good companies that offer very reasonable tests.

Perhaps you could do another post when you have more information/ some results.

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Thanks for replying Howard.

I do take onboard the points you made. Will keep an eye on the situation.

Thanks again.

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