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Hello, this may be unanswerable but just looking for any advice. I had a lobectomy last year and have since had a large cyst and enlargement on the other side. Been put on levothyroxine and referred to hospital had a barium swallow and ultrasound and doctor was weighing up between watch and wait and going forward with completion thyroidectomy surgery. I left appointment with doctor agreeing to surgery and saying he will chat to another doctor to confirm that was the best option. I’ve since had a pre op appointment come through and assumed all okay, then today received another appointment with consultant now concerned they’re going back to the watch and wait is it normal to receive a pre op without confirmation that an operation will be going ahead? I will be calling next week to question but just looking for any advice in the meantime. Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like the communication chain has broken down. Ring the consultants secretary and explain that you need clarification quickly and want to speak to the consultant and preferably meet him to discuss.

Thanks, planning on doing so just typical it’s the weekend.

My cysts were benign and for 3 years i had the "watch n wait" approach (my choice) with an annual biopsy and scan. In the end it had to all come out as became retrosternal.

Not knowing what's happening must be worrying so yes like previously suggested I'd phone yr consultants secretary on Monday morning. Take care x

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