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Solved my Cramps


I have been suffering with terrible cramps in my legs especially at night but sometimes cramping even in my arm or hand during the day. As soon as my head hits the pillow it sets it off. I had noticed that I had been peeing a lot during the night sometimes. I saw an article by Dr Eric Berg on Youtube talking about peeing a lot during the night and linking it to sugar. So I decided to cut out my evening snack and tipple, I had got into the habit of having a lager in the evening, hot weather and BBQs had got me into the habit. So with no sugar or even fruit that day I slept like a baby, I did have a banana early evening and a knob of cheese before bed. I have done this for the last couple of nights and no peeing and no cramps whatsoever! He also mentioned that when you pee sugar then the water follows and spoke about loss of potassium so I took a potassium pill as well in the evening. I also take magnesium malate and citrate but I was still getting cramps. I hope I have solved my cramps and peeing issue, finally a good night sleep. Thought I would post this to help people, my doctor never mentioned a link to sugar. I hope this helps, he has some really good informational videos and no selling either! Its good to post if an issue has been solved.

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That's really interesting. I had no idea sugar could cause such things! Hope it continues to work for you :)

Hi I take magnesium before bed and it does help a lot as for banana s I crave them so maybe I’m low on something

Thank you very very much for posting such interesting info. I too am up lots of times in the night to pee - which is infuriating! I don't get the cramps but do get restless legs. I too have been in the habit of eating sweet things and chocolate in the evenings. No more of that now! Glad things have improved for you.

Andrea PS Am going to see what else that good doctor says

PS what potassium tablets are you taking ?

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