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Graves’ disease and hand and knee pain


I have Graves’ disease and suffer from finger, hand, wrist, forearm and knee pain. I was wondering if any of you also has pain and if you have found a way of reducing the pain that does not involve taking painkillers.

I look forward to hearing from you all! 😊

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Hi SolSun I have the same pain I find light yoga, hot baths and emu oil give a lot of relief also meditation with the calm app sort of helps take my mind off it. I hope this helps you. Also turmeric and ginger tea, don’t forget the pepper help heaps


Hi Tiredmum75,

Thank you very much for the advice, it is much appreciated! I like doing yoga and having hot baths, so will keep that up. Somebody has just actually given me some emu oil cream to try, which I am going to, of course. I will try the food suggestions and meditation as well.

Thanks again and take care :-)


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