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Help in choosing a specialist from private GP list - London area or East Anglia



I would really appreciate some advice! I'm trying to choose a private GP to deal with my Levothyroxine dose - I live in Derbyshire but can easily get to London or the East of England where I have family.

Here is a bit of background about me:

I have been on Levothyroxine for 3.5 years now . I am a 47 year old female. My level has never changed from 25mg. I have asked my GP why this is and she just shrugs and says that it is in the normal range and she believes that I don't need to increase my dose! My last blood test was 3.2 and when it has been tested in the past it has always been around the 3 mark (slightly under and slightly over). I was told when I was first given the Levo that I had mild hypothyroidism but the dose would probably go up over time. I feel very tired a lot of the time. I have to sleep in the afternoon or I can't function properly. I suffered with unexplained infertility and my husband and I weren't able to have children - I wonder now was this due to an undiagnosed thyroid problem - I have suffered with fatigue since my early 20s. I have also been told by my GP that I am now menopausal. My hair is falling out and I have problems sleeping and lots of other symptoms - I now can't tell which symptoms are thyroid and which are menopausal - I can't swap to a different GP as there aren't any in this rural location, so I have decided that I need to speak to an expert and pay privately to find out what level of medication I should be on. I am willing to travel and I am willing to pay in order to get my life sorted out.

Does anyone have any really good experiences with private GPs on the Thyroid UK list? Could you please PM me with your advice or feedback on any of the clinics?

Thank you so much!

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You would be better giving an approximate area that you are considering, that will make it much easier for members to respond.

If you would like to amend your post, or the title (even better), members may know of any doctors in the area and can message you.

Or if there are any in the list that you can travel to, ask for feedback on those.

Replies will have to be by private message as we can't discuss individual doctors on the open forum, so once your post has been amended it will be closed by one of the Admin team so that no information is inadvertently posted here.

gjen in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you! Will make amendments now.


If anyone has information that will help gjen, please reply by Private Message as requested as we can't discuss individual doctors on the open forum.

Post is closed to further replies so that no information is inadvertently posted here.

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