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Good treatment for Acne!


Hi i developed acne due to my hormonal imbalance and I was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed me Dermol 500 facial wash and facial cream. The tall one is the cream. I use twice a day and put no other products on my face and it is amazing!! When a spot starts to brew I leave some of the dermol on it and it doesn’t mature! Great for blemishes, and red sore spots! I have tried many products over the years and this is by far the best! GP’s can prescribe it and you can buy online if you google it!

I was also prescribed some antibiotics but haven’t had to use them as the dermol has been fantastic!!

Hoping that it will continue to work now I have started taking DHEA tablets which are known to often make acne worse. Have been on the DHEA tablets for 5 days and no further acne so far!

The antibiotics are called - Eruthromycin!

All the best!

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Good to hear that this works for you. I had bad acne for over 30 years and was prescribed antibiotics, which did nothing, and then Roacutaine which did work but was short-lived. I found that once I had been diagnosed as hypothyroid and was given NDT my acne cleared up.

Sparkle44 in reply to penny

What is NDT? I’m glad your acne cleared up!

penny in reply to Sparkle44

NDT is Natural Desiccated Thyroid - dried pigs’ thyroid. It is similar to our own and often prescribed by private doctors.

Hi my daughter also suffered from hormonal acne and she has a youtube where she explains what is helping her fight this battle. Her channel is [Mzfivetwoooh] check her out she might be able to help you...

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