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Anyone taking 5- HTP?


Is anyone taking 5-htp for mild depression and severe anxiety?

How long did it takw to work?

Im taking the 50mg one from holland and barrett the one with magnesium in it.

Please if u leave a comment please can u only talk about 5-htp and its benefits nothing else e.g (vitamins, thyroid levels) as i already know enough about them and then tends to go off the question.

Thank you very much appreciated..

Iv been taking 1 50mg of it for 4 days 😊

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I tried 50mgs of 5HTP for several weeks,when experiencing depression with severe anxiety.I took it at bedtime,as advised.I think it may have made me more anxious.It certainly didn't help.

I left it awhile & tried again.Pretty sure it did make me more anxious.

This was 2011/2012.

Fast forward to 2016,when I again became extremely anxious & was depressed.I tried it again,because the SAMe that helped last time didn't work.Again,5HTP didn't help.

I went on to ask my GP for a low dose of Sertraline,which worked brilliantly for me.Am almost down to zero after 18months of very slowly decreasing doses.

Have u ever experienced a detached feeling too? Its called derealisation u feel like your dreaming and feel detached from everything.. its on and off.. thats what i want to get rid of most x

5HTP did nothing for me, I tried about 3 months. Then I switched to 10mg -Cipralex and insomnia & anxiety has disappeared.

Thanks for your help and reply x

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This is very similar to the SSRI I am weaning off.I wish I'd found Sertraline in 2011.Could have saved myself 2 years of living hell!

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Yes I know, i tried sertaline before cipralex but it was to strong for me then doctor put me on cipralex, the only problems was that I took a few extra pounds and my sex drive has been diminished, as long as I've taken.

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I started on a very low dose(25)& went up to 25/50 alternating )but started reducing after 6 months.My niece takes 200! I am now weaning down to zero because of weight gain. never weighed this much before!

How do u mean? Sorry can u explain a little more?.. as 5-htp is a natural supplement..

5-htp is a natural supplement indeed but unfortunately does not get into the brain, remains in the gut because 5htp can not cross the brain-blood barrier.

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Have you experienced any side effect from the cipralex?

I've been taking 50mg 5-HTP for the last 6 or 7 years, and I find it works extremely well for me.

50mg is a low dose, and many people need more. I've read about people taking up to 250mg - 300mg per day, usually in divided doses. However when I've tried to take a little bit more it makes me jittery and anxious, so I stick to 50mg in the evening. I have been cutting it down in recent months, but I'm in no hurry to stop taking it completely. I was curious how I would do without it after all this time, and so far I haven't slumped into dreadful depression.

5-HTP is one of those things that doesn't work for everyone. If you haven't got any benefit within a couple of weeks, even after raising the dose a bit, then I wouldn't bother continuing to take it.

Thanks for your info, yes thats what i presumed, gonna give it a month and see how i do x

Im also taking it with a b complex and omega 3 fish oil as they are supposed to help too x

Hi, if you click on my Post on a very similar topic, and scroll right down to the very last reply, you'll see that it's a reply (from me) with 2 links re Amino Acids.

The 2 links are by a clinician who compares what to take for 'depression with anxiety' VS 'depression without anxiety'.

Hope the 2 links are useful to you.

Great thank you!!! X

I think it depends on why you depressed. I tried it and it made me feel much worse, as did St Johns Wort. All you can do is try it. If it doesn't work, you might find that tyrosine or GABA do work.

Thanks for your info much appreciated x

This is a decent article on neurotransmitters ad mood:

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