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Widespread body pain, stiffness and increased fatigue - new symptoms


Hi everyone,

It’s me again with some new symptoms.

The past two days I have been experiencing deliberating body aches - my thighs, hips, lower back, bum, belly and arms are swollen and sensitive to touch, even sitting and laying down hurts. I still have swelling, water retention (or mucin), and issue with skin imprints as before. I have also been extremely fatigued, sleepy and more tired than usual. I also have some tickling in my chest and light cough.

I have gave up smoking 3 weeks ago (had worsening of usual symptoms) and moved to NDT 4 days ago (brain forgot cleared + more energy since day 1, then this happened on day 3).

I am low in Vit D and Zinc.

Could anyone advise? Is this flu coming my way, is it NDT or maybe D3? I am really scared these could be fibro symptoms... 😰 especially the skin sensitivity and pain upon touch I never had before.

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Giving up smoking can really mess with thyroid hormone levels (it’s thought that our thyroids get used to working in the presence of nicotine so when it’s taken away, we really notice the drop off in function). So it could be that you need a raise in dose. Sounds like you may have changed too many variables at once!

How much NDT are you taking?

And what are you doing about those low Vit D and low zinc results? Have you started supplementing? If so, how much are you supplementing with—what dosages?

AnnaSo in reply to Jazzw

Hi Jazz,

Thanks for getting in touch! Giving up really has messed me up I think, and I wasn’t a happy bunny before that either 😕

I was on 187 Levo previously (8 weeks), up from 150 (10 years; I used to test bloods AFTER meds, I wasn’t aware it would inflate T4, which it did while I thought I had conversion issue).

As I wasn’t feeling improvement and was just so fed up with feeling tired, bloated and brain fogged, I started on 1 grain (Thyroid-S) moved to 1and 1/2 next day then 2 grains (Shaw’s advice that can go on equivalent of Levo) but since was unwell I went back to 1 grain again and will try STTM- increase by half each week.

I take Zinc (30mcg) and B complex supplements (both Thorne). Only started D3 again yesterday - I had a bad reaction every time I tried before, could have been the brand as ok with this one (7000U). Will take 3 times a week to start.

Thank you 😊

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