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Got my Daughters Thyroid Results - Help!

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Hi All

My daughter is 21 one and has so many Hypothyroid Symptoms that she asked the GP for a Thyroid test. Her hair falls out, suffers with cold, prescribed anti depressants, achy muscles and bones - the list is endless.

I was diagnosed with Hypo when I was in my early 20s (male).

We have just had her results back - we did ask the GP for a full thyroid test, but we're not sure what this is?

Can anyone have a quick look at the results and say whether a full thyroid test has been done?


10 Replies
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It's a very elementary thyroid test, just TSH. Unfortunately even if a doctor requests a fuller test such as TSH, fT3 and fT4 they tend not to do the fT3 and fT4 unless the TSH is 'abnormal' and even if it is they usually refuse to do the fT3. 'They' being the biochemists in cahoots with the endocrinologists. I would arrange your own tests privately, other patients can give recommendations of which to use.

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DadandDaughter in reply to jimh111

Thanks jimh111

Seaside Susie has recommended some companies.

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The only test relating to thyroid in that list is TSH and with a result of 1.8 (0.3-4.2) this doesn't arouse any concern as far as your GP is concerned.

However, for a full picture it's best to have




Thyroid antibodies

all tested.

It might be best to do the private test mentioned yesterday, the one with the vitamins and minerals as well because they're not included in those results.

Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit or Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven as linked to yesterday.

The bone profile test is fine, as is the HbA1C for diabetes.

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DadandDaughter in reply to SeasideSusie

Thanks again SeasideSusie

I am going to book her a postal test - would a blood prick to (will they get accurate results from that for the full cahoot T3, T4 antibodies etc) or do I need to book her in somewhere to have a needle?

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to DadandDaughter


Some of us manage the fingerprick test easily, some struggle. I've done so many that I don't have any trouble. It requires 2 x microtainers, each holding 0.8ml of blood.

Maybe for a first time it might be best to get a blood draw. Both Medichecks and Blue Horizon have information on how to do this. Blue Horizon can arrange home phlebotomy for £49 but as it needs to be done very early, by 9am at the latest, they can't guarantee that the phlebotomist can get to you by that time. I think there are clinics where you can get blood drawn.

The fingerprick test, when done properly, is just as accurate as a venous blood draw.

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Espeegee in reply to DadandDaughter

Love your id lol. I've just done a second finger prick test. The first time the bathroom looked like there'd been a bad fight, the second time I was more relaxed I think and had my daughter to help. I managed this time with just one prick in my little finger and eventually collected all the blood needed. I followed the instructions of putting my hands in as hot a water as I could stand for a few minutes first and then a little squeezing kept the blood flow going. My finger was a little sore for a couple of days.

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if you live near London you can get it done at . A bit expensive but some nice patesseries nearby!

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Thriva offer a thyroid screen too - but yes, agree with the above; it's not a comprehensive test. Worth your daughter booking into a nutritionist too to help as diet made a huge difference to me. Magnesium is crucial along with selenium in making thyroid hormones. Your daughter may want to read a book called Hashimoto's Protocol by Isabella Wertz x

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to vincenza49

Thriva makes a donation to ThyroidUK funds when their Comprehensive Thyroid Test is ordered, Blue Horizon and Medichecks make donations for all tests ordered.

Also, occasionally Medichecks do the Thyroid UltraVit for £79 which is cheaper than Thriva.

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Espeegee in reply to vincenza49

Isabella has a Facebook page too 😉

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