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Absent periods

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I have absent periods. They have always been light. And I can miss months here and there and go for longer stretches without one at all, but still ovulate...

I think the last one I had was March.. I’ve had a child and conceived no problem. Was told years ago I had PCOS (passing comment in gp) but now wonder if the long stints without periods is just a hypo symptom.

I’m undermedicated- can anyone else relate to absent periods with hypo? I also have low ferritin which is odd but a comment on my last post has prompted me to ask if this is common or not. Absent periods anyone?!

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Jenna it won’t let me tag you

I once mentioned to my doctor I had t had. Period for 6 months, had t worried S my gran who brought me up finished early 30's though I now suspect she had a thyroid problem. Doctor had me on HRT befor I was out of the door! 10 years later it was stopped as new directive said that was long enough but my thyroid was not working S well so went privately to doctor who first diagnosed and he went back to first principles of tracking basal temps. These said I was still ovulating so I was in the phase I can't remember the name of but they wSfn you to take precautions as could still get pregnant. So I was t menopausal when periods stoped but under active thyroid caused it!

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Crazy isn’t it? I’m hoping mine will sort out when I’m optimal with everything.

Feeling healthy and being normal seems so far away!

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The like was that being optimal should sort it out! But it's frightening what can happen through ignorance which in this case wasn't down to me!

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