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No periods

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I'm 24 years old and I've recently been

I've been diagnosed with low thyroid November 2015. I came off my Pill in January 2015 to try and start a family. Since January I've had one period and I'm starting to get anxious now considering its now been 15 months into it. My doctor said he thinks im not having regular periods because of mh thyroid, I've been on tablets since december 2015 and it's now March 2016 I understand it's only been 4 months. But does anyone know if my periods don't come back what the next step would be to having children?

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Hi Kayleighha.

Hang in there - when you get on the correct dose of thyroxine, your periods should start again. I speak from experience. I had two children and wanted a third, but hadn't had any periods since my second son was born. We weren't bothering with contraception. Eventually, I went to my doctors - I saw two male doctors, who put all my symptoms down to having had a baby a year earlier. When I finally found a female doctor, she took a blood test, the result of which showed I had myxodema, very underactive thyroid. To cut a long story short, she put me on a low dose of thyroxine, gradually building it up. Three months later I had a period. And then I was pregnant. My daughter was born two years after my son.

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Kayleighha in reply to DawnD

Thank you for the reassurance, I'm at doctor tomorrow for my blood test results so hopefully I will know where I am with it all. Just a little annoying just wish it would happen just to feel normal again xx

How much levo are you on now? Have you had blood testing done recently? If so, what were the results? It does take a while to get the dose right.

I'm on 50g at the moment, just recently had a blood test done due to get my results tomorrow. So hopefully I will know where I'm at a little bit more. The most annoying thing about all of this is that it took the doctor two years of blood test every month.. For him decide to put me on the tablets! And since being on tablets I don't feel any different my energy levels are still very low and always tired xx

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humanbean in reply to Kayleighha

Remember to ask the GP for a copy of your blood test results. Say you want to keep copies for your own records. You might be charged a small fee.

From now on, with each set of your blood test results, keep a record of your symptoms and your dosage at the time the blood sample was taken. You will appreciate having the history in the future.

Also remember for the future :

1) All thyroid blood tests should be done as early in the morning as possible.

2) Don't eat or drink anything except water for 10 - 12 hours before the sample is taken.

3) Don' take thyroid meds for 24 hours before the sample is taken. Take the missing dose as soon as the blood sample is taken, and then take your dose as usual after that. (I'm assuming you take levo.)

Hi Kayleighha, I was in the same boat as you, came off the pill and got diagnosed with thyroid disease around the same time. I didn't have any periods for quite a long time, but I am sure that's because I wasn't on a high enough dose. I'm currently on a dose which makes me feel well most of the time, and my periods seem to be attempting to return to normality! Hopefully the test you've had this morning will show what's going on, and it maybe that you need an increase in dose if you're not feeling well - you're on quite a low dose. If you post your results tomorrow, people will be able to help xx

Thank you so much for your reply! It's nice to know someone has experience the same as me, it's just worrying me I will keep you updated thanks again xx


I agree with all of the other comments and can also confirm my periods did not return until i was on a higher dose of levothyroxine; therefore it may be likely that you are not yet on an optimal dose for you. Definitely post your results in a new post and hopefully others will comment as to whether a dose increase is needed which i suspect it might be. From memory i started on 50mcg levo a day and then got a repeat blood test 6 - 8 weeks later to see if i needed a dose increase

Hi Kayleighha,

I have the same problem as you!

I came off the pill and one year later I haven´t got any periods at all.

Then I was diagnosed with hashimotos and started the levo and my periods came back but I couldnt get pregnant, and still having irregular periods on T4. I had conversion issues and started to get very very ill using levo and low iron as well.

Then I came off from levo and started to use T3 only, and my periods where super regular every 30 days like a clock, but at the moment I am not feeling my best due to I think I need to improve my vitamins levels and maybe a little increase in my dose.

So I suggest you to check your dose every six weeks until you will feel better, check your vitamin levels in order to avoid any conversion issues, and eat gluten and dairy free for a while if you have thyroid antibodies.

Then if you still have problems with the levo I really recommend you to try another treatments like NTD or introduce a little of T3 checking always your Free T3 levels every time you have a lab work.

Is a good idea to check your adrenal with a 24-hours salivary test to check how the cortisol is going...

Hope you will feel better soon, I am trying by best too, but its difficult and we need to be patient... but sometimes is very difficult..

Hi Kayleigh,

Perhaps ask your GP & endocrinologists to test your blood for prolactin, as the cause could be a pituitary adenoma. They're not uncommon.


WHY are you you have hashimotos disease? You need to know.

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