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Any similar cases?


My hypothyroidism surfaced about 7 years ago, not with symptoms but with a blood test. TSH increasing periodically to 10 (0.35-4.00 ulU/mL) before I agreed to drugs. My t3 and t4 were never out of range. Synthoid had a side effect of strong tremors. Had to stop. Armour thyroid resulted in a blistered mouth preventing eating. Stop also. Recently I have gone to nutritional therapy with some results, but not completely returning the TSH to normal. Dr. attributes other problems-AF, vestibular stones to my thyroid. Any insight?

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It may help if you can post your latest thyroid results with ranges and also any vitamins etc with there ranges as well. Often itswhere in the range that is important.

TSH is produced by the pituitary gland in response to levels of hormones produced by the thyroid. Has your GP checked that the problem isn't with your pituitary gland

If your free T4 and free T3 are good and you have no symptoms, I'd want to be tested for pituitary problems (for example TSH-producing tumour). A very few people have naturally high TSH but that usually means around 4, not 10.

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