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Can radiotherapy on parotid cause damage to thyroid?


I seem to keep asking questions here but everyone is so kind and I really do appreciate all the help I get as I don't know where else I can get answers.

Years ago (30 or so) I had excision of a mixed parotid tumour and 6 weeks of radiotherapy after. Only now am I wondering if this could have caused damage to my thyroid?

I've never mentioned this to GP to question possible later (now) problems. I did bring up a severe head trauma I suffered several years ago and this seems to have prompted GP to refer me to an endo, though she says my bloods are 'normal'.

I don't feel 'normal', I don't know what 'normal' is.

Anyway, doing private blood tests now and they will hopefully provide some answers, but wondering if my past could have affected thyroid?

Thanks j

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Thank you for taking the time to read and for your reply, very much appreciated. I shall wait for my test results and hope they can provide some answers. j

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