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Can underactive thyroid cause panic attacks?

Cou0le of months back I was getting lot ofnpanic attacks which I thought was because meds was too high and lowered doze. They stopped but now they've started up again. Whe ever i went to the hospital my ecg and bloods were fine but i'm getting scared that one day my heart will go. Espefially since i have issues with very cold skin lot of the time and hands change colour.

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Just got new job working in pre school and i don't want this to ruin things 😢



Reading back through your previous posts I see that you have chopped and changed your doses a lot.

Levothyroxine takes about 6 weeks to saturate the body from the initial dose and work completely. Every time you change your dose you need to wait 4-6 weeks, then get blood tests for TSH, FT4 and FT3 and adjust meds according to results.

Your poor body & brain doesn't know what is going on and a hormone imbalance could easily account for the psychological problems you are now experiencing.

Have you had a thyroid antibodies test (TPOAb and TGAb) for Hashimotos Auto Immune Disease which is prevalent in a lot of people with thyroid issues? Hashimotos can cause fluctuating hyper and hypo symptoms causing many physical and mental problems.

Also difficiencies in Vit B12, Vit D, folate or ferritin can cause troubles with thyroid meds working correctly in the body. It is wise to get these tested and if necessary supplement to keep optimum levels.

I hope you feel better soon Hypo101 and good luck in your new job.



When i had tpo done last june (i think) my level was 54 with range being 0-50. I'm seeing Endo next month.

Was on 50,000 of vitamin d for three days but now that's gone to once a month ( my result was 38 with range being 30-150) My B12 is low at 233 ( range 180-1000+) but because it's in range doc won't do anything about it. Not sure om others.


It's good your antibodies aren't too high Hypo101. They may decrease further when you are properly medicated.

Doctors do not realise the importance in keeping these vitamin levels high in order for thyroid meds to work properly.

You would be wise to get your iron tested and supplement any low levels.

People use a wide variety of supplements from Boots, Holland and Barrett or even Amazon. I myself always use Solgar or Lamberts but it is down to personal preference.

Remember the cheaper products may be inferior and full of fillers which could be counterproductive.

Keep us posted of your improvements.


Hypo, get the sublingual B12 for yourself in a high dose, 5000 or 2000, as you need to raise your level.

It's doubtful that your heart has a problem. Often it's adrenaline that causes your heart to beat rapidly and that is still a thyroid problem. Take time to watch this video when you can. Since you don't have antibodies for TPO, I wonder if you have autoimmune issues but there are other antibodies to check as well.


If it's any consolation I suffered panic attacks sometimes 10 times a day. This went on for 25 years. When I started taking thyroid replacement they shopped!! When I stepped down my levo to switch to NDT they crept in then went again when I was up to a decent dose.


Panic attacks can have other causes such as irrational fears and worries leading to stress. Have you tried Mindfulness meditation or other relaxation techniques?


I tried hypnosis and it helped you relax had a cd done of it so I play it when im stressed it helped with fears I have got I would recommend it ...


Serum ferritin level - what is it? Below 50? Low iron might contribute to panic attacks.


yes and so can Hashimoto


Yes, when I was undermedicated I had anxiety until my dose was increased.


I was having lots panic attacks, felt like someone was strangling. Weight going up and up then I was put on oxygen at nights, lost 25lbs in one month. They took the oxygen away after I started using the c-pap mask for sleep apnea. Also changed some of my meds including a little t3 that I asked for. Got rid of the antidepressant that didn`t work anyway, a little at a time, on my own Dr. OKed. No more panic attacks and I`ve lost over 80lbs. They wouldn`t give me t3 at first but when things got bad I asked again. All the Dr. said was how much did I want. I had heart bypass 6 years ago and three years ago during parathyroid surgery they took out all my thyroid. Got the sleep c-pap mask over a year ago. REM sleep matters.

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