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Thyroid results


Ft4 is 7.8 Ft3 is 4.2 Tsh is 0.04

Never felt so good lost 21lb in 3 months never been able to lose weight before

Taking 50mcg thyroxine and 20mcg T3

I am told results are now hyperthyroid?

Read up says low Tsh and low t4 maybe pituitary problem

Also low t4 is not hyperthyroid?

Doctor wants to stop t3 does anyone understand why?

I have been taking iron for iron deficiency anaemia, read up says iron can influence t3?

Really confused

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Two possible reasons

1) he doesn't understand the results and thinks a TSH as low as that is 'dangerous'.

2) he doesn't want to continue paying for your T3.

Happens all the time. :(

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Thank you looks like I will have to write a long letter to my endocrinologist showing the benefits against the long term medical issues

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Well, you could do, but I don't suppose he'd understand. :(


They are misinformed and uneducated. They have had poor training! They don't like a low TSH and are convinced a low or suppressed TSH will give us heart attack. Wrong unless you are very frail with a heart disease.

I am not medically trained but believe that the guidelines are wrong. The TSH should be ignored once diagnosed and given any thyroid hormone replacements (T3/T4, NDT, T3 only) and should be upon the relief of patient's clinical symptoms alone and doctors should be content with the result - that is the aim of replacement hormones - relief of all symptoms. Tick off yours and also tick (in a different colour) symptoms you still have.

They make the assumption that if our TSH is very low that we are now 'hyperthyroid' which is impossible if we've been diagnosed as hypothyroid and given hormone replacements.

You will be horrified if your T3 is withdrawn according to your TSH result alone.

Tell him that the TSH is for taking levothyroxine alone but when T3 or any other thyroid hormone is added the results cannot possibly be equated with taking levothyroxine alone and it is how the patient 'feels' on doses.

Tell him you are well with the additon of T3 and you've had your life back and if he does withdraw a dose that has restored a patent's life and then withdrew it to protect himself rather than the patient that he is wrong. He thinks he's protecting you.

Give him a copy of the following and tell him you realise that all endocrnologists are poorly informed about how best to treat patients who are hypothyrod when T3 is added into T4 or that NDT is prescribed that the result is a very low or suppressed TSH.

Ask why those who've had thyroid cancer have to have a 'suppressed' TSH and don't drop dead.

Print-out the following (second half of page) and highlight and tell him this doctor is an 'expert in hormones'.

I would like to ask him - are physicians supposed to relieve patients of their disabling clinical symptoms or only refer to the TSH result which rises if gland is failing so when patient is given replacements hormones which reduce to TSH or suppress it they reduce or withdraw the only ACTIVE thyroid hormone which has restored health. If we are hypo we stay hypo. If TSH is low or supressed it doesn't mean we have become hyperthyroid.

T4 inactive and does nothing until it converts. Tell him also it is a pity NDT was withdrawn from prescribing as that provided all of the hormones a healthy gland would have and that it was withdrawn through False Statements made by his organisations.

The following was sent by our Adviser before his untimely death to the BTA etc al and despite three yearly reminders for a response they never had the courtesy to reply. They could not argue with a scientist and researcher - you cannot argue against the truth.

You can print off a copy:

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Top notch support!

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Well done Shaws xX

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Thanx for the info, surely it is too soon to decide to stop t3 only started end of April

My free t4 is slightly below normal am I right? T3 slightly above normal and Tsh suppressed that does not indicate hyperthyroidism?

My pulse used to be 55 now 77

I would say heart rate now normal and was irregular before treatment

Since lost 21lb

Taking iron for iron deficiency anaemia

Had coil fitted progesterone to stop bleeding, read up is this prevents bone thinning so low Tsh should not be an issue?

Overall I feel rejuvenated and happy with myself do not want the treatment to change

Will have to convince the experts in a letter!

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