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Help! Adrenals Saliva Test, cortisol


Can someone help me please with my saliva adrenal panel test. I am not understanding it too well, thank you in advance. Brackets are optimum. I am not sure what evolving (Phase 2) HPA axis (adrenal gland) dysfunction is???

Cortisol morning 7am - 9.8 nmol/L (18-35)

Cortisol Noon 1.30pm - 5.4 nmol/L (6.0-12)

Cortisol Evening 6.30 - 2.0 nmol/L (2.0-5.0)

Cortisol Night 10 30 - 1.2 nmol/L (1.0-4.0 )

DHEA* 188 pg/mL (106-300 )

Hormone Comments: Diurnal cortisol pattern is consistent with evolving (Phase 2) HPA axis (adrenal gland) dysfunction.

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You have low - below range - cortisol for the first 2 samples, bottom of range for sample 3, bedtime same is good, DHEA is normal. I don't know if this is suggestive of needing further investigation by your GP but I think you should go and discuss these results.

Article about the 3 stages of adrenal exhaustion:

Dr Myhill's article:

rT3 adrenals article with further links:

Thank you for replying SeasideSusie I have been so ill, I feel I picked up a tiny bit, I bottomed out from November to May this year. The B12 charity has suggested I need hydrocortisone but I really don't want to take this route if I can help it. I have been taking Thornes Cortex and Pregnalone but stopped 2 weeks prior to this test. Does my DHEA look ok? I am 57. The daily B12's self injecting has helped a lot, going on twice a week now. He upped my levothyroxine from 50 mcg to 75mcg and now 100mcg. But I was sure I read somewhere that you need to sort your adrenals out before upping levothyroxine. Does this sound right darling?

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Your DHEA is well within range so would be classed as normal, it's certainly not low or high.

Dr Peatfield always advises his patients to address adrenals before starting thyroid replacement, I think he tells them to use adrenal support for a couple of weeks before starting thyroid replacement, I can't remember exactly it was 20 years ago when I saw him.

Check your Levo patient information leaflet, there is something on there about conditions affecting adrenals and taking Levo.

I can't comment on you using Thorne Cortex and pregnenolone before and leaving off for 2 weeks before the test. If you used Regenerus for your test you would have presumably put this information on the form sent back with your samples.

High darling I did use Regenerus and listed what I was taking and all my symptoms...It would possibly explain why I did not do well on natural thyroid medication.

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