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Mercury Amalgam fillings and autoimmune diseases


As someone who has a autoimmune disease and suffering Hashimoto symptoms would anyone know if removing mercury fillings (6 In total) would help my situation? Has anyone done this and found that it works ? I believe it can make things worse before it gets better . I'm not sure what to do as I feel like I'm going mad trying to help myself , my doctor was absolutely no help on the subject. Thanks

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Hi Cheekymog,

I have oral lichen planus which a consultant at the Queens Medical Centre told me was most probably caused by a large mercury filling in one of my molars. I asked if I should have my mercury fillings removed and replaced and he advised me to leave them but have no more and only replace the ones I already had as the need arose, i.e. if one fractured or fell out. As you say, removal is a tricky procedure from a health point of view.

Hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


Thanks Caroline x

I believe that dangerous metals definitely impact our health. If you decide to remove your amalgams, please find a dentist trained in proper removal. In the US, they're called biological dentists. I have guidelines in what to look for in a qualified dentist, if you're interested. Just PM me. After removal, it's critical to detox. Mercury travels to the brain, tissues, organs, etc. I highly recommend Dr. Andrew Cutler's heavy metal detox protocol. There's a Facebook page devoted to Andrew Cutler's method. Many detox procedures aren't safe & cause redistribution of mercury, lead & other metals.

For sure you have to take off all mercury Amalgam fillings. As with them you can not feel better. I bought new toothpaste and did not see that it has flouride inside as it was written very small letters. Over time I start to feel bad and my gums were swollen... I changed the toothpaste and after three days everything was ok :-) With Hashimoto we have to be careful with everything!

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