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I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 2015 and Thyroid Eye Disease in 2016. Long boring story of fluctuating response to Propranolol and Carbimozole and the whole gamut of symptoms but finally, in the last 6 months, I have felt that the Graves was under control. Most of my symptoms have either gone or become manageable and I no longer take propranolol just 25mg of Carbimozole each day. It’s been a long time since I felt well enough to work as a teaching assistant but a few weeks ago I started to apply for a new job with a hope of returning to work in the new school term in September. However, 12 days ago I was diagnosed with Grade 2 breast cancer and my life has been turned upside. I will be starting chemo on 2/8 and then will undergo surgery in Nov/Dec.

My question is has anyone experienced having Graves, TED and chemo at the same time and what should I be thinking about or aware of in terms of how chemo might affect my thyroid?

Thanks in advance for any advice or insights.

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Im afraid I cant answer your question but just wanted to send you big hugs. I went through bc over three years ago & the full range of treatment. And so far bc has stayed away. It is a tough treatment but your Oncologist should talk to you about the effects of treatment, be closely monitoring you & I expect will want to liaise with your endocrinologist. I would ask the Oncologist about how treatment will affect you given your Graves. I was given a telephone number that I could ring 24hrs a day to talk to them about any troublesome symptoms during chemo. Dont try to just struggle on.....theres often a way they can help to alleviate side effects.

On your visits to the hospital pack a mini rucksack with snacks, drinks, tissues, boiled sweets to suck, paracetamol etc books & things to do -theres often a long wait even if you have an appointment time. My hospital had pagers so you could wander round the hospital site whilst you wait....I found a roof terrace where I could sit in the shade, enjoy the views & fresh air!!

Wishing you all the best. Hugs xxx

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Thank you soooo much for your reply - it means a lot to hear from someone such as yourself who has been through this. I am so very happy that you came through and are well again and that you are a survivor. Well done you!! And thanks - I will definitely take all your advice about taking a rucksack with me - and I’ll load my kindle with lots of books to read - thankfully l love books and hardly get time to read as a single mum with three kids reading is a luxury - so I guess I’ll finally get to catch up a bit!

All the best.

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Awww no probs. Really feel for you. Its a tough time.....found waiting the hardest!!!

Have a look at They have a free forum. I joined and am still in contact with some forum buddies -(we set our own little group up on Whats app afterwards & meet up occassionally.) Often someone sets up a post up on the forum for others going through chemo or rads etc....then you have a little group to share tips & ideas with or commiserate who are going through the same time as you. I found it helpful & less isolating.

Have you got some family or good friends who can help you out with your children when you feel rough.....such as picking up and dropping off at school? Easy pull out meals for the kids in freezer etc... You will be surprised how many will want to help you if you let them. My neighboughs all rallied around me and offered food shopping and help with transport up down to the hospital. The kindness of people is very heart warming. Xx

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