Hypothyroidism/Breast Cancer

I am on Letrozole and Levothyroxine, both cause bone thinning. I had a dexa scan 18 months ago when I was prescribed the letrazole for breast cancer, which showed extensive bone loss already. Doctor wanted to put me on Alendronic Acid but am scared after reading about the side affects. I've been on levothyroxine for almost 30 years and never felt well. I've got terrible joint pain plus hiatus hernia/reflux. I was on omaprazole for years and then statins for high cholesterol. I had to stop the statins as my bone pain was so bad. I stopped the omaprazole when I read it decreased absorbtion of levothyroxine. I've seen every doctor in my practice over the years and not one has really helped. I've even paid for private blood testing a few years ago but my GP practice wouldn't even look at the results! I no longer work so cannot afford more private testing or to buy natural thyroid drugs. Not sure if anyone has any suggestions to make but I felt this was the only place left to try!

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  • Have you had your calcium and parathyroid levels checked ?

  • Caroland53,

    Can you post your most recent TSH, FT4 and FT3 results and ranges and, if you have been tested, results and ranges for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate.

  • Omaprazole will cause malabsoprtion of alot of vitamins and minerals due to lowered stomach acid. They should take those horrible drugs off the market as they are way over prescribed and people take them for far too long. Maximum time you should take one of those drugs is 3 months and that is right in the manufactures instructions. I went low on potassium and magnesium from taking PPIs. Dr kept me on them for far too long and then I finally got smart and started googling all of this stuff and realized what was happening. The drug companies now have mineral and b12 absorption warnings on all of their websites for these drugs now. I doubt levothyroxine caused your bone density issues.

    Strong Bones by New Roots is a balanced natural well absorbed calcium supplement that people swear has helped them reverse their osteopenia/ osteoporosis. I take one everyday now along with D3 and vitamin k2.

  • How did you get off omeprozole? Im only on 10mcg but bn on it for about 8/9yrs. I really suffer without it, hve hiatus hernia and the acid would come up at night choking me then i would hve asthma attack. Very frightening . I do take b12 sublinguals

  • I am taking myself off Omaprazole..been on it for many years 40 GMT...I am drinking Kefir which Imget on my order from Ocado..got so many probiotics in it, . I have just learned after my Dexa scan that the Omaprazole could be causing my bone loss.. I started halving the dose a few days, then forgetting to take.. not bad after effects except for reflux ...occasionally if Imdo feel a bit nauseous and if am going out to eat I,might take them..I was thinking of booking a few minutes with a pharmacy, to see if there is an over the counter replacement that does not affect the bone loss.. worth a try..good luck

  • my husband has a HH many hypos do but on NDT it never bothers him unless he eats strong curry

  • Thnx. Ive got appt at new hosp early june. Im going to try my best to get t3 trial. If nhs fails me then ill hve to source myself as i seem to be going downhill last 6 months. Infact since my tt dec 14 the only tine i felt okish was last summer. I hve tried cutting out ppi to every other day but acid comes bk and i get scared of asthma attack. Devil and the deep blue sea...x

  • i would suggest your better off not waiting around or pushing for t3 but instead self med with NDT

    its morecomplete and for many people better than synthetics

  • Thnx ill look into it not really thought about ndt , better get reading! X

  • Its the only thing that gave my husband his life back

  • Am glad it works for him x

  • I used ranitidine twice per day in place of PPIs then reduced to one per day and then came off altogether. I now use DGL and gaviscon when needed. Both of these keep things under control. I used to get reflux coming up in the middle of the night too but that has stopped. I also noticed my reflux got much better after getting my medication optimized.

  • Sorry whats DGL?

    Gaviscon i know as it used to feel like i had shares in it before i took omeprozole ;-)

    Hopefully when i get my treatment right the acid will improve then

  • Deglycerized (sp) licorice. I need to eat 4 of them at a time to be effective.

  • Thnx Ill look it up on dr google 😉. If like normal licorice itll be no go as i hve gluten prob.

  • I'm going for my annual thyroid blood test next week so will post results when I get them. They only do the basic test even tho I've asked for a full one before.

  • Your blood test should be the very earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and also allow a gap of 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test.

    Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges. Also ask GP to test TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3, if he possibly can as you are now a member of the NHS Choices for help/advice on hypo and you have been advised to have a Full Thyroid Function Test and as you are unemployed you cannot pay privately. Also ask For B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too. We are usually deficient which can also cause problems.

  • I always have it first thing in the morning and fasted. I don't take my thyroxine until after it so at least 24 hours without. My doctors practice say they do not test for any "other" thyroid only the basic. 😐

  • Dr Derry in Canada did loads of work on hypo and breast cancer and found deficiency of elemental iodine was heavily involved

    there been several threads on iodine use on tpauk.com recently

    personally i think omerprazole and statins are devils spawn

    i fully understand your concern about alendronate too ...look at Dr Sarah Myhill's website as she used to recomend the use of strontium ranealate for osteoporosis

    maybe you can persuade your doctors to prescribe that instead

  • I had strontium renalate after i broke both wrists & 2 vertebrae 9 yrs ago. It was 5 yr course with calcium/d3. My last dexa showed bones stronger

  • Always wean yourself off PPI's slowly but ice heard acid cider vinegar is a good replacement. I never needed it when I stopped PPI's so it makes you wonder why I needed it in the first place!

    Make sure you take K2 with your vitamin D as that takes. Allium out of the blood so less risk of forming stones, and deposits it in the bone and teeth where we need it.

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