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Advice needed


Hi all,

Following on from my post yesterday, I have booked an appointment with an Endo through my insurance.

I have had the D102 test which suggests I would benefit from T3.

Can you please advise me as to what information I need to take to my appointment?

Also, if this appointment doesn’t go well, I am looking for recommendations for Endo’s. Please can you PM me with details. I live near Greenwich, but happy to travel about an hour or so.

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You can email Dionne at ThyroidUK for the list of thyroid friendly endos

Then you can ask on the forum for feedback on any that you can travel to. Replies will have to be by private message as we can't discuss individual doctors on the open forum.


You can run off a copy of the link below, so that the professional can keep and learn from it. I doubt many know about a defective gene which means we cannot convert T4 into T3..

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