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How to deal with lies from health and social care without repercussions possible?


I left my drs surgery after he was giving me sick notes which didn't include on paperwork through specialits or consultations what my conditions were. When I tried to say anything to management I was in more then one way pushed aside. In the end I gave up and left. I even had some reception staff knowingly being rude to me in front if other patients in the way they addressed me. Although I was very hurt. I thought seeing my Dr was more important. I also had parts of my paperwork lost by Dr's and one service linked to them after a experience many years back. I tried there to try and get some justice but was pushed back by management and staff so I gave up. However since then and drs recording inaccurate information that didn't match specialists treatment. He had wrote connecting those involved only found out when I left and seen my medical records that I made up all of my conditions because I believed I had them. Never once did I have any treatment or consultantation for something like this and as a result of what was written other agency got involved as a result of staff from the surgery who messed my life around while I was going though a difficult personal time. Only to also carry on this lie from inaccurate information untrue also. In the end after attending a meeting with head staff at a service I was told she was sorry there was nothing mental wrong about me or to anyone else in terms of my personal situation at the time. She said we could log her if we needed to and speak to her. She said we could complain against these services for what they had done. I can only generalise in ways due to certain issues and circumstances. Dr's can lie and other professionals and get away.

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I'm sorry for your pain. I don't think you will be the first, or the last, that suffers from this sort of problem.

Personally, I would not take on such a huge task alone. I believe that when a patient has issues of complaint, they are up against a very archaic Establishment, that has not evolved enough yet, to understand the heartfelt damage some of their words can cause.

If they could understand how you felt, they would possibly pay lip service to policies put in place to protect patients, by saying they could not have for seen that their written documents could be seen as incorrect. That, they meant no harm, could not for see how their words could cause upset when perceived from the patients perspective....

Call me cynical, but I have worked within the NHS. The Establishment is a force to be reckoned with as far as most complaints go. We are outnumbered and the Establishment must be protected, at all costs.

Don't let my view put you off though. You are brave to look back on your notes. I bet most patients would be shocked at what has been written about them. I'm sure I would not agree with what's written about me. That's why I won't look. I don't want the stress.

Until, and if ever, patients are allowed to sign off what's written about them (think Dr patient partnership. Another myth !), some medics will continue to write the way they see things!

Good luck.


Just to reiterate.

I'm sorry for your pain.

Sorry you have been through this. When I read my medical notes I apparently had been tested for prostate disease which showed negative, well as I am female, I was not surprised!

Most places have a patient advocate (someone who knows the system and can talk for you). It would be worth seeing if this is available and they can help sort out the problems. Good luck!

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