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T3 test and treatment


Hi I have recently been to see an endocrinologist who has tested my blood and given me a trial of T3.

I do feel better, my mood is much better and I actually feel like doing things where before I had no motivation for anything.

These are the test results (prior to commencing T3) and I wondered if you could tell me if they are good or bad please.

Serum free T3 4.2mm/L

Serum T4 15mm/L

Serum TSH 2.28 miu/L (this has increased since last blood test when it was 0.05 - this was again before I started taking T3)

Thank you in advance

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Can you add ranges please. Were you on levothyroxin etc before T3? Any Hashimoto's autoimmune antibodies?

Should have added that the T3 is 20 mcg (split into 2)

Yes I was on 100mg of levothyroxine one day and then the following day 125mg and my TSH was 0.05. I haven't been tested for autoimmune antibodies so far. Since being prescribed T3 I have reduced Levothyroxine to 75mg a day and I 1/2 T3 twice a day.

On the day of blood test before I took any T3 my TSH had gone to 2.28. I will have further blood test on 3 August (6 weeks) when I have another endocrinology appointment.

Thank you for looking.

Worth getting autoimmune antibodies tested as you might infact have fluctuating thyroid hormones from Hashimoto's and that is why your TSH moved from 0.05 to 2.28. The antibodies attack the thyroid gland mistakenly believing it to be 'alien', and dead cells along with thyroid hormones are dumped into the blood creating peaks of high hormones, or 'flares' . Not that endocrinologists take any notice of Hashimoto's but you could limit its affect by reducing antibodies by trying gluten-free diet and getting your TSH to 1 or below. Also characteristic of Hashimoto's is poor gut absorption resulting in low levels of Vit/ mins from food, drink and supplements- so worth getting VitD, b12, folate and ferritin tested and treated to optimum level in upper part of their ranges. Adding T3 is really the last 'improvement' that the endo should have done, and should have checked everything else was ok first.

Sorry Judith I’ve only just seen your post thank you for replying. I felt absolutely great for the first two weeks I couldn’t believe it. My mood lifted and best of all I was able to go to the loo normally. This has declined a little but still better than before - is this normal? It’s five weeks to my next appointment but I will definitely ask about antibodies and I do have vit d3 supplement and b12 but was holding off taking these to see what endocrinologist found - do you think I should start taking them now - I have a blood test next week?? Thanks again for your help and sorry for the delay in replying

is your blood test next week for the endo to comment on in 5 weeks time, but won't include antibodies nor vits/mins tests? So might have to wait much longer to get those tested....If so I personally would start supplementing VitD, B12, folate and ferritin before hand ie after next week's test- won't effect Hashimoto's test( you could try going gluten free to reduce these antibodies), but will help for eg with conversion of the 75 mcg levothyroxin to T3. The fact that your feeling of wellbeing has declined probably suggests you are ready for a dose increase...but whether that is more T4 ie up to 100 mcg, or T3... is debatable. I'm doing it DIY and forum thought I should up my levo from 75 to 100 as with adding 25 mcg T3 my FT3 went down a bit to 4.57, FT4 down 10 points to 12.70, and TSH went to 0.015. I'd be interested to see if your 20 mcg dose T3 has increased your FT3.

Will start the vit d3 and b12 day after bloods - is there a preferred time to take them I know not near thyroid meds but can I take them together? Is my

T3 of 4 good - should it be high or low? I’ll post my bloods after next week to see what you think. Thanks for your advice

I take both B12 and Vit D( with K2) under tongue- the latter in drops that way they bypass gut and malabsorption. Otherwise if taking D3 pills take them by themselves ie no other pills/ drugs/ food/ drink except water- leave 2 hours ...I don't think this gap is so critical with D3 drops . The K2 goes with the Vit D to get benefit in bones and teeth. Don't understand 'T3 of 4 good- should it be high or low?'

I meant my serum t3 was 4.2 mm/l and serum t4 was 2.28 which has increased from 0.05) this was the day before I started taking t3 meds and I wondered should it go up or down with the medication. I think perhaps the best time for d3 for me will be bedtime away from thyroid meds and meals. Thanks Judith it is confusing

Sorry janeamber can't comment on those results- you never added ranges, and yours appear to be in mm/l units , most Uk ones are pmol/l or nmol/l...I think, tho not 100% sure, your results convert to 13.2 pmol/l for serum T3 and 11.5 pmol/l for serum T4... but without the ranges can't tell if these are low, midway or high. I take my iron tablets at bedtime for same reason. The idea is to get your FT3 to halfway to 3/4 way thru range. Once you take T3 the TSH and FT4 become meaningless; some get on well with only T3 , others find they need T4 to get their FT4 to similar higher level to feel well.... patience is key, but nothing will work if you haven't got VitD, b12, folate and ferritin optimal.

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