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Lost confidence in medical practice in with presently


Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum but decided I needed to gen up and self help after losing confidence I my present doctors surgery. I use the term loosely as I hadn't seen a do for for about 3 years just nurse practitioner who was lowering my dosage of Levothyroxine one month from 100mcg to 75 then in two months wanted to put it back when I was feeling really good. Waited for two months and my TSH improved from 5.2 to 5 albeit it a small improvement. I I dusted o a doctor to explain and I got a locum telephone me and we've settled at 100 one day and 75 the next. He suggests another blood test in 3 months.

As there doesn't appear to be a resident doctor at this practice I have moved this week.

I am ceoliac so totally gluten free. I take curcumin to keep inflammation down. Recently started taking Selenium with A, C &E. This was between the two last TSH readings so maybe it helped but doctor didn't give me the latest free T4.

Be interested to know what you all think, me being so new to being proactive, although I've been on thyroxine for around 8years.

Many thanks

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Hi - your TSH fluctuates throughout the day anyway, 5.2 down to 5 is insignificant and still too high. You need to get your TSH down to around 1. Your current dose doesn't sound effective.

Many Thanks, I wasn't aware it fluctuated during the course of a day. I'm learning all the time.

Rule n° 1 : always, always get a print-out of your results. If you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a copy, they cannot refuse.

N° 2 : Take your levo on an empty stomach and leave at least one hour before eating or drinking anything but water - sorry if you already know all this :) - leave at least two hours between levo and any other supplements or medication, and four hours for iron, vit D, calcium, magnesium or oestrogen.

N° 3 : Have your blood draw early in the morning after fasting over-night. Leave a 24 hour gap between your last dose of levo and the blood draw. TSH is highest in the morning and drops throughout the day. It also drops after eating. (Patient-to-patient tips, not to be discussed with medical staff/doctors.)

N° 4 : Do not let your doctor dose by the TSH. If that's all he tests, give him hell! You need at least the FT4. But, the FT3 is THE most important number, and if he won't test that, best to get it done privately, if you can.

Have you had your antibodies, vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested? If not ask for them. They are all part of the jigsaw.

N° 5 : Always ask questions here if you're not sure. :)

in reply to greygoose

I do have printouts of the blood test results but only the TSH on the last one as it was a phone call from the locum.

Now I've changed doctors I intend to ask about the other tests you refer to. I've been reading The Root Cause and gathered a lot of info on vitamins and supplements from there.

Thanks for your advice, at least I know I'll be on the right track.


I have Congenital Hypothyroidism so been on Thyroxine since I was 3 months old. But as I have gotten older my levels have been very unstable and been back and forth for 3 monthly tests for the last ten years or so. My dosages have been as high as 200mcg then lowered. I have also had a period of alternate doses which did not help at all. On my last test my doctor suggested putting my dose down to 125mcg which I was very dubious about as never been so low. I was happily surprised that it seems to be working and I am nowhere near as tired as I have been. All I can advise is keep calling your surgery and insisting on the lower dose if that is what works for you or request a referral to an Endocrinologist to see what they say. You do need to keep on at them or they will just keep putting you up and down in dosage.

Thank you Helen that's good to know. Sometimes your gut feeling counts for something

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