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Supplement advice please


I take 800iu vit D only please advise with my symptoms and results thank you


Weight loss

Dry skin



Pins and needles



Ears ringing

Heavy periods


Joint pain

Chest pain

Dizzy spells

Low heart rate

High blood pressure

FERRITIN 28 (30 - 400)


FOLATE 4.2 (4.6 - 18.7)

VITAMIN B12 219 (190 - 900)

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Your results are all very low. I can only comment on the vitamin d, folate and b12 as I also had these very low. My gp prescribed 800 igu and a year later my Vit D result and symptoms were the same. With advice I upped to 10000 iug a day for six weeks and then 5000iug a day which drastically improves the sweats and other symptoms. Supplementing b12 and taking a b supplement with high folate has turned my life round. I can’t help with the ferritin but I am sure someone on here will. You must be feeling awful at present but I am sure if you increase these levels your symptoms will improve. Good luck.

I am not surprised you have all these symptoms. Your ferritin needs to be around 70 or above, vit D at 31 is too low and trying to correct it with 800iu just isn't going to happen, your folate is low and your B12 is dismal, that looks serious.

You dont say if you are on thyroid meds but getting your vitamin levels up would be a great start. If possible, get your Dr to do an iron panel. When all my vitamins were low, I tackled Vit D at 17.9 with 10,000iu D3 + K2 + Magnesium Glycinate. Once levels were up to 100, I began to notice pain improving. Magnesium will help with pain too. Then tackled Vit B12 (though wasnt as low as yours) with Better You B12 Oral spray . Then dealt with low ferritin at 26 with Spatone Liquid Iron.

Many of the symptoms improved greatly with these things. Your symptoms sound like Hyprothyroidism but unless your TSH is above 10, NHS Drs try to give you Anti Depressants (watch out for this as some of them make the thyroid struggle more).

You could (mostly) be describing me, my nutrient levels are reasonable but def not optimal so thank you for posting this, clearly I have much work still to do.

Exhaustion sweating, ear ringing and stress currently top my list!

Best of luck

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