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Any tips for thoroughly annoying one's immune system before an autoantibody screen?


The title says it all really 😁. Very pleased to be having this autoimmune screen done but have only 2 days to prepare.

Have been stuffing my face with as much gluten as possible today (which my body is already protesting heavily about) and I'm wondering if there's anything else I can do to avoid false negatives. Snort flowers? Eat lots of dairy?

Any tips would be very much appreciated and hopefully can help others in a similar situation.

Many Thanks


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In my own case it’s gluten so I would eat as much carbs as I could . I’d go for bread and cakes. French stick, croissants, pain au raisin etc.

A few years ago before I went gluten free - for some reason or another I munched my way through France, even though I would never normally have eaten that sort of thing and never in the quantity I ate them that year.

When we reached the Mediterranean my face felt so puffy I didn’t even look like me. I’ve got a couple of photographs with me looking so bloated a friend I showed the photo to didn’t even recognise me.

So I’d go for that sort of stuff. Take a look at what an autoimmune diet recommends then do the opposite.

Just noticed - scroll down four posts from this and Marigild is talking about Isabella Wentz’s autoimmune diets. That should give you some ideas.

Oh my goodness, I can imagine. Would fully destroy myself with access to that much bread and cheese! Funnily enough I have a similar issue when I spend more than a week at my parents house. The photos, dear lord, the photos *shudders*. Must try and figure out what did it when I last spent a month there, cause it def wasn't gluten.

Scrolled down to look and you're so right, that autoimmune diet post was really helpful.

Going to grab the most processed, unnatural looking cake I can find and wash it down with soya milk for breakfast 😁.

Thank you!


Great googly moogly! If I ever whinge about giving up gluten in the future, just remind me of tonight. Have pretty much full body neuralgia right now. Mercifully mild but wow, I thought I was just mildly intolerant 😁.

I don't know whether it'll turn out to be hashi's, fibro, celiac or what but pretty safe to say my immune system aggravation plan is working.

LOL. Shouldn’t laugh but I can just imagine how you feel. Hopefully your poor immune system is in such overdrive that it sets sirens and bells ringing when they put your test through the machine.

If, after all that, your doctor says your results are ‘within range’ or ‘fine’ you have my permission to scream.

Am having fun naming all the invisible animals nibbling on me. Have decided the mongoose on my ankle's called Horace the terrible 😁.

Twill all be over soon. You'll probably hear my scream when it comes back normal lol.

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