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Kefir Diary Update! Apologies to all my Kefir Buddies asking for my preparation doc. on kefir.... tonight I collapsed in the supermarket....


Hello everybody.

I have had a very stressful, non productive day today, culminating in an overwhelming attack of pain.

It felt like I was a milk bottle and the tidal wave of pain started to live up me, ending up in my head, jaw and neck.

Am too unwell to describe all, though it was pretty horrific. I still have pain 'ow over an hour later.

I just laid myself out on the cold floor near the veggies in Sainsbury's, with my poor Mom watching over me.

The manager brought me frozen peas that I wrapped around my neck and carotid...

Am home on the sofa now, but lots of pain.

I promise I shall email everybody my instructions tomorrow ....

Hugs to all

Poppy ...a somewhat flattened cat!

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Sorry to hear you were unwell today, perhaps the heat?

Poppy you get well soon, take care. Just rest.

Poppy I know only too well what it feels like to collapse and feel unwell for a day or two.

You take carexx

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Big hugs. Take care.

Hope you feel much better soon. Take it easy xx

No problem, just make sure you are ok first, the heat combined with any health issues just don’t mix.

Look after yourself and I hope you'll soon feel much better.

Please take care and only be in touch when you have returned to good health :-)

I've just seen this - hope you're feeling much better soon. We need your Kefir expertise too so hurry back!


I've only just seen this too. I hope you are okay. x

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