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Thyroxine and AF


Was on 125 of Levo for years, then reduced to 100 because TSH was 0.03. Having found this site I learned not to neck all my tablets together first thing in the morning with a large coffee at breakfast 😱

I persuaded my Dr to up my dose to 125 again when my TSH got to1, but now wonder if I am overmedicated as my AF episodes are arriving 4 times a week. I am presuming last time I took 125 my body wasn’t absorbing anywhere near that dose.

Have stopped taking the extra 25 and wonder how long it will take to clear my system.


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Did your doctor increase your dose without doing a blood test? And, is TSH all he tests? If so, you can have absolutely no idea if you are on the right dose, or if you are over-medicated, or whatever.

Hylda in reply to greygoose

He increased it when TSH went to at a blood test, then tested and said it was negligible. TSH only ever tested no matter how hard I complain. AF well controlled but last few months getting out of hand.

Hylda in reply to Hylda

Sorry TSH went to 1

greygoose in reply to Hylda

Then, I would suggest, if you possibly can, to get private testing done. You need to know what your FT4 and FT3 are. It could be that you don't convert well.

Have you had your nutrients tested : vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin? If your nutrients are low, not only will that make you feel bad, but will mean that your body won't be able to use thyroid hormone efficiently.

I am now in France for 3.5 months in our Motorhome. I supplement B12 although level was 433. Others not too bad if I remember rightly

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