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So today after weeks and weeks of waiting in finally referred to a specialist I'm almos5 23 weeks pregnant. I've been having blood tests throughout my pregnancy but my gp did not put me on thyroid medication but the ivf in Athens. My gp says I don't have a thyroid problem despite the t3 level been 4.65. But before I was allowed ivf in Athens it needed to be under 2.5 ideally 2. After recent tests it is 1.6 I've no idea if that's right for my stage of pregnsncy. Hospital doctor at 12w scan said oh you don't need it just stop taking it!!!!!! She was about 25 and clueless. I point blank refused this. I've been getting my medication from the doctor in Athens still as the UK doctor hospital and midwife is clueless...... if i had of listened to the doctor I may have miscarriage. I hope today someone can help me and putvmy mind at rest.

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Hi I have an underactive thyroid and am currently on 200mcg of Levothyroxine. I am currently doing my 3 EC at a private clinic in London. I would definitely keep taking the meds that you got in personal thoughts are that the NHS know DS (DIP SHIT) about the true way of treating thyroid problems...I am self medicating with meds from the States and never felt better...combo of T4 and T3...funny how when I have done that I ended up with more viable embryos....follow your gut instinct and every good wish for safe and healthy baby.

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