I've been taking 200mg levothyroxine since my thyroid was removed 4 years ago. I still am overly tired. I can literally sleep 12-20 hrs a day earning the nickname Koala Bear. Because of the healthcare system in the U.S., my health insurance will not be approve for 30+ days. I've called the doctor and told him the situation and ask for a Rx to get me through the waiting period so I can see him and refill the prescriptions ( also take Naproxine, Lisinapril, and Citalopram) refilled and my yearly bood test. He will give me the refills. What can I expect to happen say in the next 6 weeks after my last dose?

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He won't give me the refils. Sorry typo.

I think that's shocking if he wont give you refills. It's beyond cruel.

Kat60, 6 weeks off meds you will become profoundly hypothyroid. I'm also thyroidless and 4 weeks off meds my TSH was 107.5. It was as much as I could do to get from bed to bathroom and microwave prepared meals.

Are there not clinics or ER which can prescribe until your insurance is validated?

I can't afford to pay a hospital bill or doctors bill until my insurance kicks in. I am also jobless for the moment. Is there a pill for that?

Kat60, I'm sorry for your predicament. I'm in the UK so I'm not aware what medical aid is available in the USA.

Go to a nurse practitioner they are usually less expensive. Hypo meds are also inexpensive- at Walmart they sign you up for a free prescription card and it works at other pharmacies too, my meds were only 13.00. Charge it on a charge card you have to get your meds.

Hi clutter like you I had a TT due to graves I just wondered why you are taking no meds?

JulieCressey, I had thyroidectomy for thyCa. I had to stop meds for RAI and resumed meds after RAI.

Do not stay off your thyroid meds. My doctor took me off for two weeks because I became hyper.. I then crashed. Have been back on meds for one week....lower dose.. But am still a zombie ...think it creates havoc with your body. Not sure it was smart to lower my dose from 150 to zero. Now who knows how long before I get some energy. 200 is a high dose. I would worry

Because she can't fill her prescription

I'm sorry as well for your predicament and before levothyroxine was introduced people were given animal thyroid glands. I am not suggesting you take them but this is a link I've just read for your information.

Thanks Shaws. I will take a look. And thanks everyone for the information. I think as soon as my insurance kicks in, I'm going to see a specialist and whether my meds need increased or not. Peace, Love and Chocolate!

especially chocolate!

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